14 | Chapter Fourteen

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     I dodged a punch and leaned towards the left. Sending a punch into their stomach, I grab onto the extended arm as I turn my back and pull the limb down. Causing the body to fly over mind and slam on the floor.

     "Weak, that's how you get mounted by a rouge. You're on your death bed now Sullivan," I extend my arm up to help the younger boy up. Tightening my grip on Sullivan's hand I force him to turn and get his back faced towards me. Pinning the arm I had against his back as he cried out,

     "Awh, Come on, Alpha! I thought we were done!"  I chuckle as I swipe my foot under his legs.  Getting him off guard once more and sending him tumbling down. "When you are ambushed by a bunch of rouges, you never let your guard down. Just because someone is helping you up, does not mean you will not get attacked," I explained. I threw my body over his and pressed down on him with all of my weight. Covering his smaller 145 pound body with my 200 pounds. In some ways It was unfair however they had to learn some way. Not everyone is going to be fighting against ones with similar built. "You should be prepared at all times, Never underestimate the strength of a wolf. You have to give it all you got. Now imagine I am a feral rouge, how do you get me off?" I questioned as I watched him struggle with the weight of my body. Tsk tsk. If this were real, he would've been died by now. 

     "Sullivan! How many times have I told you not to thrash without thinking. If you move, you move logically. Your left arm is tucked under Diesel's stomach, you could've easily elbowed him in the stomach or moved your arm up and aimed for his face," My father scolded as he watched us spar. He moved on to the next partners and traveled around the training grounds, supersizing and helping the younger ones.

     "If you did, I would've moved slightly being distracted enough for you to bring your leg up and use your knee to push the rest of my body off," I demonstrated. Grabbing his knee I brought up between us and he lifted the rest of his leg up and threw me to the side. 

     "If I were an enemy I would have not given you that much time to think, I need you to push harder. Logistics and strategies are as important as muscle and strength when in a battle," The younger wolf nodded at me as he stretched his arm. "I want you to practice sparing outside of training, as well as studying different strategies you can use in a fight. Now go ice that shoulder and make sure you apply pressure to it tonight. However you will be training an hour extra tomorrow," I patted him on his good shoulder as he muttered a 'Yes Alpha'. 

     "Everyone listen up, you all have one hour of Alone Training. You man go to the weight room, practice moves with others or continue sparing. If I see anyone slacking, you all will run five laps around the territory," Father yelled. Waving his hand around in the air to make sure he had everyone's attention. We always train for five or more hours and whenever my father feels like it he'll 'reward' us an extra hour of alone training. 

     I walk up to my father and smiled when he pat me on the back, "Sullivan's been working harder I noted," I nod my head, he has I will admit. Sullivan was training to become a Enforcer like his father. Just a few months ago we had an attack on the northern patrol and his father did the best he could to fight them off sacrificing his life. So now, here was Sullivan vowing to take over his father place on the northern patrol. My father had assigned him to me, so I was technically his personal trainer for now. Until he was fit enough to train on his own and with the others. Before now he was in training to become a warrior, a lower rank in the pack just below the enforcers. So moving him up in training meant increasing the hours he trained and increasing the speed. However he was adjusting well, my father and I made sure he knew was praised for his hard work and dedication.

     <Can we please leave now?> Obasi had been nagging all day to go to our mate. As much as I wanted to I couldn't miss training. He was stirring in my head, pacing back and forth. For some odd reason he had been on edge all day. I passed it off as him being uneasy from being away from out little mate for a long period of time but being alpha called for alpha duties.

     <Obasi you know training isn't over yet> He growled as he rolled his eyes at me.

     <I do not give a fuck, something's not right Diesel,> He snapped.

     <What do you mean?> I frowned, he never mentioned anything before now. I assumed he was just being needy. <Something's wrong, I can sense Anna's discomfort. We have to go now,> 

     Oh shit, I thought as I sprinted toward my mates house. I linked my father to let him know why I was leaving training and linked Sarah as well.

     <Sarah, are you home?> I asked.

     <No, why?>

     <Axy's in trou-> I rolled my eyes as she cut me off. It didn't matter as long as she was on her way. <I'm on my way!> 

     I end up linking Gabbe and Prince as well. Letting them know of the situation and notifying a few more enforcers to be around the area in case. I sprinted as fast as I could, but it felt as if I was getting farther away rather then getting closer.

     <Can you feel him? Talk to him?> I ask all of them.

    <No,>  I kept trying to open up the link with Axy but for some reason I couldn't get a response back. Which meant nothing good. Obasi was getting the same response from Anna.

     A few minutes after that I hear a loud scream. A cold electric current traveled through my body, as if I was hit by iced cold water as I recognized the scream. Feeling a small burning sensation on my back, I pushed myself harder and run towards it. Going faster than before, I finally reach a small clearing. I get hit with the scent of my mate. Along with his discomfort and pain. How no one noticed a rouge cross into our territory was beyond me. Nevertheless that was the last thing on my mind. I was seeing red and soon that rouge won't be seeing at all. I lunged forward not wasting anytime.

     I bit onto it's throat as we tumbled into the ground. It thrashed around, attempting to lessen the grip I had on it. He swiped his paws, nails fully extended. I ignored the sharp pain on my right shoulder.

     "AXY!" I heard Sarah scream from behind me. Knowing she'd get him back to safety, Obasi and I continued the bloodshed,

     I bit down harder, breaking the skin of his neck. I aggressively shook my head, like a dog with his favorite chew toy. Soon enough the creature no longer moved, how pathetic of a fight it put up Obasi thought. Gabbe and Prince arrived right when I looked up.

     "Fuck, rouge attack?" Prince asked. I simply nodded and rushed to Sarah, who had my mate pass out cold in her arms. She got up and set herself along with my sweet little mate on Obasi's back and we rushed to the pack doctor. I linked him to get everything ready as we made our way towards the pack house. Gabbe and Prince stayed back to take care of the dead rouge and scope out the rest of the area.

    Our trip back took longer, I wasn't sure if it was just the anxiety that was eating at me or not. making the journey to the pack house longer however I didn't care. I just knew I had to get my mate back to safety. 


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