10 | Chapter Ten

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     We had fallen asleep half way through one of the movies so I woke up to the sound of the intro playing. I groan and go on the hunt for the control so I can shut up the now annoying theme music.

     I got up and realized that I had somehow gotten on top of my mate. I blush as I think how uncomfortable he probably is with all my weight on top of him. I was about to move off when I a grumble and the arms around me tighten before turning us to the side. I land on my side with an 'Oof' most likely waking him.

     "Kitty are you awake?" A husky voice calls out sending shivers down my spine. His face disappearing into the side of my neck.

     "N-no" I was trying my hardest to suppress the giggles bubbling up in my throat. The small stubble he had was tickling me as he rubbed his face into my collarbone. He chuckled, caressing his hands on my back.

     "What time is it?" He asked still kind of half asleep.

      "It's night time. Sleep time!" I mumbled as I shove my face into his hair. He smelt sweet like strawberries and marshmallows. It made me hungry.

     Laughing again he said "Oh really?" His hand travled farther down my shoulders.

     "Y-yeah" I kept my face nuzzled into his hair as I tighten my arms around him.

     "So you're not awake?" He asked

     "Uh-uh" I replied again.

     "Huh? Then how are you talking to me?" He asked. I felt his hands get lower untill they were near my side and my tummy. "Uh, sleep talking duh,"

     "Is that so? Mmh, I guess I'll have to tickle you to wake up!!" He surprises me by flipping us over so he was on top of me, tickling my sides. I was laughing so much my body was forgetting how to breathe.

  "N-n-o! pl-eas-se!!" I gasped out. If he continues this I'm going to pee! His huge hands continue on attacking my poor sides. His face came down and he started blowing raspberries on my neck. I felt like passing out.

     "I-m go-onn-a p-eee" I attempted to yelled while whispering it. I wasn't sure if Momma or Poppa were asleep and I didn't want to wake them. He continued tickling me and I was laughing way to much. After a couple of seconds he finally stopped. I was crying and was close to peeing! Diesel was still laughing.

      "Shhhh y-you gonn-a wake pe-eople" I warn him catching my breathe. My lungs were burning. God, I really should workout more often.

     "Sorry baby. It's just, your face is so cute when you're laughing. I couldn't help it." He tells me making me blush and him chuckle. He leans down and his lips capture mine. I feel my face turns so many different shades of red by the time I pull away. My tummy roars loudly making the red stains on my cheeks to darken.

     Diesel gives me a quick peck before gets up. "Come on kitten, let's go sneak in a midnight snack," He says as he grabs my hand.

      "Okap!" I agree as I finally get my lungs to calm down. My mate opens the door to sneaks out in the dark hallway.

     "Come on," he says pulling me making me giggle. It's like we're ninjas!

     "Shhh" His hush makes me cup my hand over my mouth.

     We make it downstairs to the kitchen without making a sound. Diesel looks around then turns back to me. "What do you want baby?" He whispered. I smile at him as I get up on a stool near the counter.

     "Can we make waffles?" I excitedly whispered. I love me some waffles. They'll always be my go to snack.

     Laughing he answers "Of course cutie, but we gotta stay quiet. We wouldn't wanna wake your parents now huh?"

      "Oh no no" My eyes widen and I shake my head. Waking them up in the middle of the night is the equivalent of waking up two bulls. My Momma values her sleep and my Poppa says he's gotta get all the beauty sleep he needs.

     "Exactly baby," he tells me.

     "Waffle are great! We got frozen ones!" I giggle softly as he blinks then shakes his head.

     "Those will have to do for now," He chuckles.


     "Mmmmh" I moaned as I stuffed more then what my small mouth could handle.

     I looked up seeing my mate look at me with a weird face. His shoulders were tense and his eyebrows were tucked in and his mouth was slightly open. I stop myself from laughing before I accidentally spit my food out.

     Once I was able to finish off my waffle, Diesel had relaxed a bit.

     "I-is there something wrong?" I ask tilting my head as I looked at him. He looked at me for a moment more then cleared his throat.

      "Nothing kitten go back to enjoying your wonderful waffles," He told me slightly laughing putting his head slightly down as he put one piece in his mouth while looking at me through his eyelashes.

     I gulped as a cold sensation went down my tummy but continued eating nonetheless.

     I finished my food before him and I was full. But I was happy and so was my tummy.

     Diesel was supposed to leave a long time ago but since Sarah never woke us to tell him to leave. He was sleeping over! When we finished our food my mate washed the dishes and then we sneaked back into my room.

     Diesel stretched as he flopped on my bed.

     "Let's go back to sleep." He said rubbing his face. And that's what we did again.


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