Little Addition

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"Can you believe this is even happening?" Diesel asked for what felt to me as the fifth hundred time this past month.

'Yes, baby this is has been going on for a month now.  Affrontarlo già' (face it already) I signed. Diesel has been non stop freaking out over the fact that we can't go outside. It's only been a month and this quarantine is already getting to him. However if you ask me, this is the most relaxed I've felt. I've had more me time and Diesel has had more time for me and the kids. One thing I'm truly grateful for since this whole thing began. 

I'm sure you're wondering how we've been and let me tell you a few things. I've finally finished school and decided to become an English teacher! Diesel is still being Diesel, running the pack and being busy with his business things. As for the kids, we have two healthy young boys playing their video games downstairs, Ever and Julian! Ever is 10 right now and Julian will be turning 14 in a few months from now. Hopefully this whole quarantine will die down by then, but one can only pray and hope for now.

"What are you thinking about baby?" Diesel asked as he sat down in front of me. Currently we are both sitting on the floor of his office. Mainly because I like to do yoga in here while he works. what can I say? I just love being near him.

'Nothing, just thinking about Julian's birthday'

"Oh, don't worry so much about it honey, what happens will happen. As along as we are all together I'm sure it will be amazing." He tries to reassure me. Although it kind of feels like its more for his sake. 

"Now come on, get out of that banana pose and come over here,"

'It's called Balasana'

"Balasana, banana. They're both the same thing to me, baby boy," He laughs and I stretch out of my pose and crawl over to him.  He opens up his legs and I sit in between them as he wraps his arms around me. I rub my nose against his like we use to.

"This is such a weird and uncomfortable time for a lot of people and although I've been so anxious and stressed over things, I'm grateful that I have you and Ever and Julian by my side because if I didn't, I would've gone crazy!" He explained as he held me tightly. I giggled as he kissed my cheek. I rested my head on his chest and used my finger to trace out an 'I love you' on his palm.

"And I'm so excited I get more time to see you and the kids! I felt as if I would never see you guys!" He rolls us over and uses his body to cover me like a blanket. I tangle my fingers in his hair as I listen to him continue.

"I get more time with the kids" He pauses and looks down at my lips before looking back at me,

"And secondly I get to spend more time with the love of my life. More time for us, more time for me to do whatever I want to do with you," And nothing stopped him from diving straight for my lips, as I pulled him closer.

"Hey Kitten, I love you,"

'Hey wolfy, I love you too,'


NOW HOW ABOUT WE ALL STAY AT HOME AND READ SOME BXB, GXG, BXG, OR WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR CANOE. Hello my sweetpeas!! I really hope you all are doing super well and super healthy! wearing your face masks outside with a pair of some cute ass blue rubber gloves! (or grey) Make sure you limit your time outside and please be nice to all those restaurant workers/bankers/grocery store clerks and all them nice people risking their lives to go to work. 

I love you all for all the love an support on my stories and I hope you all stay safe!

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