6 | Chapter Six

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     "Well, hello it's nice to see you too," My mother laughed as he walked over to us.

     "You not gonna believe me but... Diesel finally found his mate!!" Uncle Rainn squealed in excitement making my mother join in. Dad just rolls his eyes at them and looked over at me.

     "Congrats son. So when are we meeting this soon to be Luna?" He asks making me roll my eyes because I knew he was gonna ask.

     "I'm sure, she's lovely but I fee " Emmitt chips in. Yeah she's really lovely.

     "Oh my god, can I meet them tomorrow!! You should invite them and their family over for dinner! It's gonna be great. It'll be like a little celebration!" My mom chirps all giggly like a teen girl thinking of her crush.

     "Oh that's great! My family and I will be more then glad to go over for dinner," Sarah says confusing my mother.

     "Wait, are you his mate Sarah!" Mom looks at her with hope. Me and Triton scoff at that.

     "Ma, If we were mates I would be dead by now" I say. My mom losing that hope glint in his eyes.

     "Actually Luna, my little brother just so happens to be mated to your demented son here," Sarah explains making me growl at her and my mom frowns.

     "Oh your brother? Diesel, is this true?" Asked my shocked father. I know dad, I was shocked too.

     "Yep, why so surprised?" I lean back and taken in all the comments I knew were coming.

     "I-i... Well, I don't know. You don't exactly seem..." My Dad trailed off turning to my mom for help.


      "Okay guys! I think he found the word he was looking for already," I yell slamming my hands on the table. Really, not wanting them to continue that.

     "Anyways, I'll invite them over or at least try." I say looking over to where Sarah sat.

     "Do not worry, We'll be there at..."

     "Hmm five.. Yep five thirty Saturday will do," my mom says as my father agrees.

     "Alright, it's settled my family will be delighted to go," she grinned. Fake as hell, let me tell you.

     "Okay well, we'll see you all later" my dad says as they all walks away from the table. My mom waved a good bye, along with an I love you, then off to follow after dad.

     "Your mother fucking hates me. She won't wanna go" I was very doubtful that she'd say yes.

     "No worries, we just need to get Axy to say yes and then momma bear won't have a choice on going or not," Ruby says rubbing her invisible beard.

     "Okay, sorry for the wait guys. I was busy with table 10 and booth 7. I also didnt want to bother your little family conversation," Uncle Rainn explained, pulling out his note pad to write down orders.

     "Alright, now what y'all ordering to day?" He asks.

     "So, what's it like having a male mate alpha?" Betty asks.

     "It's normal I guess. I mean I won't lie, I was expecting a female but the moon goddess makes her decision according to whatever she has planned right?" I reply with sweaty palms. I rub them on my pants hoping no one would notice. I did lie, but only a tiny bit. A little white lie. It's not normal for me, I expected a female. I wanted a female but I got a male. It's so fucking weird, I leave all the gay shit to my parents and uncles, of course. I'm not gonna complain though because I like my mate. And I'll come to love my mate no matter what. At least he looks like a girl.

     How are we gonna go out without having troubles. The age difference seems so big to those who don't know us.

     Betty broke me out of my thoughts and said "Welp, I'm so excited to meet my mate. I bet he's going to be a bookworm. If he's not then we'll have a problem." Making the group laugh.

     "It's true! If he doesn't like book then it going to a major problemo," She repeats.

     "If my mate doesn't treat other people right then imma slap the living pretzels outta him." Says Sarah.

     "Poor dude, he'll be stuck with you for the rest of his life." Prince said laughing with Gabbe following. I just chuckled.

     "He'll be dead by the time you intruduce him to us" I said with a small chuckle, Sarah growled and threw a handful of her french fries at me. After everyone finished their food we can got up and left. Me prince and Gabbe payed off the check and we went home.

Immmmmm sooooo upseeettttt, I want tooo update and editttttttttttttttttttttttt my story without the comments getting deletedddd!

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Immmmmm sooooo upseeettttt, I want tooo update and editttttttttttttttttttttttt my story without the comments getting deletedddd!

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