Holiday Special: New Years!

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      The sounds of voices talking through the television surrounded the room. There were clothes littered on the floor and bed sheets falling off the bed. Other then the actors on show, you can hear the sound of wine hitting a cup as Diesel poured Axy and himself their third cup. 

     <Are you're trying to get me drunk on purpose?> Axy chuckled in his head before grabbing the cup from his love.

     "I don't need you drunk, you'd agree to anything sober. Kitten," He replied smiling leaning down to kiss the younger one's lips.

     <Oh yes, of course,> He rolled his eyes and place the cup down. He threw his leg over Diesel's lap straddling him. Diesel set his cup down and gripped his mate's waist. leaning in they connected their lips and Axy dug his fingers into Diesel's hair. Pulling it softly, earning a moan from the older man. Diesel deepens the kiss and nibbled on his lovers bottom lip. Axy opened his mouth letting him have access to pleasure him more. The kiss was slow but full of passion.

     Diesel let his hands travel low as he grabbed a handful of Axy's bottom.

     "You're going to be the death of me baby," He growled as flipped Axy over, to struggle underneath him. All he did was let out a gasp as Diesel sucked and kissed his neck. Leaving a trail of hickeys. 

     "You're so sweet, love. I just wanna eat you up," Diesel whispered into his mates ear biting his ear kissing down to his jaw. He started grinding his crotch into the younger man underneath him. Getting a small gasp from him as he clutched the sheets till his hand was white.


     "Sorry love, you're just so perfect I can't handle it," He said grinding his hips harder into his mates. He slipped his hand down his lover's body to grip the fabric that was separating them. In one swift move, he got them off and grinned.

     "So glad my parents asked to look after the kids," He said as the reached for the box of rubbers. Axy just made a face as in 'please don't mention the kids while we're doing this,' Diesel looked back and chuckled at the face he was making.

      "Sorry, baby," Was all he said before slipping on the rubber and softly leaving kisses on his partners face. Slowly the kisses made their way to his neck, around the small but noticeable mate mark. He lapped his tongue over it, making Axy's fingers tug harder at the man's hair. He smirked up at his mate while slowly pushed two finger into his small awaiting hole. Axy's face scrunched up for a split second. However the look changed as soon as Diesel's fingers began to thrust in and out as a quicker pace.

     Diesel made scissoring motions with his finger making his smaller mate gasp for air. He leaned down and captures their lips together before pulling out his fingers. He went back to the mark on his mates neck as he kisses and sucked. Distracting his mate as he pushed the tip of his cock into the tight warm rings of his lover. 

     Axy's mouth laid open as his hands fisted the sheets. Grabbing on to them as tight as he could. They've only down this a million times by now, but every time was like their first.

      "Hey Kitten?" Axy made a clicking noise with his tongue as a response, starring into Diesels eyes, "Happy New years baby,"

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Hey cuties, how was your new years? Did it start off well? Hope it did. Mine was okay. I see Diesel and Axy had an amazing new year. That's definitely how you start off a new year. Hehehehehehehe

Make sure to vote and comment, Wish you a great year loves. 

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