4 | Chapter Four

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     "Hey tesoro dobbiamo andare a lavorare adesso va bene fare in modo di finire il lavoro bye ti amo,"  momma said as her and poppa left out the door.
"Hey sweetie, we have to go to work now okay? make sure to finish your homework. Bye, love you!"

      "Cosa aspetta l'hai mai detto se mal essere in grado di andare a scuola!" I yell after her.
"What wait you never told me if I'll be able to go to school!"

     "There's mochi in the kitchen!" Was all she said as she closed to door.

     I wasn't feeling well this morning, so I stayed in my room for most of the day. Momma would come up just to check on me. But all the talks we had were about how I was feeling.

     Just a "are you okay? Are you feeling better?" And me taking really bad tasting blueberry medicine.

     So now that I'm up and feel better something came up at work and they have to leave. Momma and I didn't even get a chance to talk about school at all! so I'm going to have to wait till they come back home.

     Sissy doesn't get out of school till three and it was currently around two thirty right now. I walk into the kitchen remembering that momma said she had bought mochi.

     But I know it's because she didn't want to talk about the whole school situation. So the mochi was her way of apologizing, which I accept but still upset over.

     Grabbing three and head to the living room and turn some music on. I had homework to work on, so I guess I could kill time that way.

     "Meow," I heard as a cat begins to scratch the window.

      "Awww Coco you're back!!!" I yell, I just so happen to attract cats.

     I open the window and pick Coco up. Coco was on our steps one night and so we kept her. She ended up bringing a lot more cats with her but sadly we couldn't keep all of them. However, they come to visit almost every week!

      "Are you hungry girly?" I ask setting her down on the floor. She meowed in response.

     "I'll take that as a yes" I smile as we head to the kitchen for food! Getting her plate off the flood I grab her some cat food and set her plate back on the flood.

     "There you go kitty," I say squatting down to pet her while she ate.

      "Shit, Ruby are you okay?" I heard Sarah ask since I'm near the window of the kitchen. I look at the clock to see that it was three already. Time flies when you're feeding a cat. I clean up the small mess I made getting Cocos food and crouch down to pet Coco once more.

     "Sissy finally home and she brought Ruby!" I exclaim excitedly.

     I run over to the door and fix my collar shirt as I hear Sarah talking. I swing open the door and see Sissy.


     "Yes and I wanted you to meet them cupcake," she said riffing my hair walking past me as she told everyone to come in. This is going to be cool! I'll finally be able to talk to people other then my family. Now, I'm not saying my family is boring  but it's just nice to talk to someone different once and a while.

     "I nostri genitori sono a casa?" Sissy asked. Hmph, No. And they left without giving me a yes or no. In which I'm still mad about. "Are our parents home?"

     "No sono appena partiti," I replied with shaking my head. I throw my hands up as I remember Ruby was here. "Nope, they just left"

     "RUBY" I yell to get her attention.

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