9 | Chapter Nine

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     Momma doesn't seem to like my mate and neither does Sarah. I'm not sure why and I don't know what to do. I wanna stay with him for ever, Anna and I have never felt more comfortable in our lives. We just want to cuddle into his side for the rest of our lives. And he said he wasn't gonna take me away from my family and I should be able to trust him right? So Momma and Sarah have to trust him too!

     "Kitten?" Diesel asked wondering where my mind went. He lifted my head and rubbed our nose together again making smile as Anna purred.

    "Sorry, I was thinking," I told him looking down hiding my face in neck.

    He continued rubbing circles into my hips maing me swoon, "No need to be sorry little one, I know this can be a lot to handle," I blushed at his actions.

      "Let me take you out on a date," He said. A date?!

     "A d-date?" I repeated stuttering looking up at him.

     "Of course love, unless you don't wan-" I cut him off on accident, pressing my hands against his chest I sat up straight on his lap.

     "NO!.. no, I meant y-es I would l-love to go on a d-date with you," I try to say in the calmest voice I have. However Anna wasn't helping as she was excitedly running around in my head.

     "Amazing, my mate, will you be free this Saturday, to accompany me to do whatever your tiny heart desires?" He asked me, nuzzling his nose in the crook of my neck making me giggle. I shivered as I felt his lips roam on my skin and his hands tightened around me.

     "I think so, I'll have to ask momma," I wrap my hands around his neck again and snuggle into him. I wiggle in happiness and I hear him growl into my neck making me giggle and wiggle even more. His hands move from my hips to the back of my thighs right below my bum. I gasp and squeeze my eyes shut as he starts kneading the skin there. His hands rub the back of my thighs spreading my legs farther. I let out a soft mewl as his hands start traveling higher and to the insides of my thighs.

    "Axy? Diesel? Are you guys almost done?" I jump up startled by the loud knock on the door and a growl escaped Diesel. I look back at him and see his eyes switch from hazel to blue and back to hazel. He closes his eyes and reopens them to smile at me before kissing my forehead.

     I stayed in my room while Diesel went downstairs to talk to Momma and Sarah. While they spoke Roo came in to my room with mint chocolate ice cream. Which is by far the best ice cream ever made.


     We had gotten interrupted, which I'm so glad we did. Obasi was fighting to take over control and It was getting harder to keep him at bay. I went to talk to his mother and sister and found them in the kitchen eating ice cream. Ruby went upstairs to keep my mate company.

     "So how was your little mate talk?" Asked Sarah in a mocking tone.

     "Fantastic actually. I'm taking him out Saturday. I don't really care what you say or think. Axy is my mate whether you like it or not," I say growled lowly lacing my alpha tone to let her know how serious I was.

     She glared at me and nodded as she took another ice cream cone and walked up stairs.

     "So where do you think you're taking him?" His mother questioned.

     "I would like to take him to do whatever he would enjoy. So I'm not quite sure yet." She sighs and sets her cup down.

     "Just... please look after him," She said. Her eyes pleaded with me and I nod.

     "You have nothing to worry about ma'am. I would never let anything happen to him. You can trust me," She stares at me for a few minutes before leaving the room and I make my way back to my mates room. Following the amazing scent that made my mouth water and my pants become much tighter and uncomfortable then before.

     I opened the door to my mates room and I immediately noticed how excited and happy he was with ice cream. Sarah was about the hand him another cone before pulling it back.

     "I wanna know where you're going, when you're going and when you're coming back. And you have to be home by eight." She said lifting the cone above her head away from my kitten.

     "Mmh, yes! Yes! I'll tell you I pinky promise!" He replied reaching up for the cone. I grabbed it from behind her and gave it to him. He hummed in delight and gave me a kiss before sitting back down to enjoy his ice cream. Without lifting my eyes off my adorable mate I spoke to Sarah,

     "I'll let you know what the plans are. You can even call to talk to him." I finally looked over to her and she look pissed and bemused.

     "When the... what.. you guys literally just met and he's already kissing you like it's no big deal!" She yelled and looked at Ruby as if to back her up. She shrugged and went back to eating her own ice cream.

     "We are mates, you know? I can kiss him whenever- well no, whenever he wants too," I smile proudly at him and he smiles back. I chuckle at his ice cream covered face.

     "You pedo" She glared. Obasi stirred in my head, irritated at the disrespect.

     "How is that being a pedo?" Rudy and I said simultaneously while I stood up. Ready to argue with het.

     "No! No fighting!" A soft voice to my left intervened. Looking back, Galaxy held on to my arm. Trying to get me to sit back down.

     "It's fine Kitten, we were just having a small disagreement," I told him kissing his forehead, glaring at Sarah.

     "You're not allowed to fight, okay?" He huffed at us. I looked at him amused, he looked just like a tiny angry kitten.

     <Such a demanding Kitten, I like it,>  Obasi smirked.

     "Fine! Now if you excuse me, Rudy and I are going to go out." She said as she angrily pulled Rudy away.

     "Wait what? We are?" Rudy asked confused.

     "Yep! We're leaving!" Hearing the slam of the front door I turned to my little mate that was still enjoying his ice cream. I crouch down in front of him and before I can say anything, he shoves a spoonful of ice cream into my mouth.

     "What do you want to do?" I ask laughing as I try to finish the remaining ice cream he's feeding me. And here I thought he was my baby.

     "Hmmm... we can... Watch a movie!!!!" He said excitedly. He grabs my face and licks the ice cream off my lips from when he shoved the last spoonful into my mouth. He giggles and runs off, leaving me in his room confused and turned on.

     "Alright sweetheart what do you wanna watch?" I look over to him as he settled into his bed and got comfortable.

     "Mmh.. Moana!" He shouts excitedly. I know that was a Disney movie but I personally had no idea what it was about but okay. Whatever my baby wants he gets, I think as I play it.

     As the intro begins to play, I walk over to the bed and he tuckes himself into me, tangling our legs together as I kiss his forehead and his lips. I then rub my nose on his; Which always rewards me with a giggle.

 I then rub my nose on his; Which always rewards me with a giggle

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