The Quarterback Who Married The Bad Boy | boyxboy by its_just_a_lovestory
The Quarterback Who Married The its_just_a_lovestory
When star quarterback, Harvey Remington's whole family is taken away from him in a brutal car accident, he loses all will to live. That's until he discovers that he's no...
  • lgbtfiction
  • marriage-of-convenience
  • boyxboy
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🗝️Mafia's baby🗝️(jikook)  by ggukiesjimin
🗝️Mafia's baby🗝️(jikook) by Amour
Jeon jungguk. A very powerful name. people fear to cross his path or even mention his name. people know clearly about his dangerous personality and how possessive he is...
  • jm
  • jikook
  • boyxboy
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BETA MINE (mxm || lgbtq) by notbackingdown
BETA MINE (mxm || lgbtq)by T. Gray
"A mate will love you and only you. No other can compare to you and he or she will treasure you above all and everything in the world," mommy says to me as she...
  • lgbt
  • manxman
  • gaypride
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The Homeless Girl by KevonnaG
The Homeless Girlby Minnie Mouse
Eden Brielle Tucker has been homeless ever since she was eighteen. She was considered the black sheep of the family solely because she was disabled, so her parents decid...
  • agegap
  • betrayal
  • abusivecontent
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Accidentally You Of Course  by mousumipaul98
Accidentally You Of Course by Mousumi Paul
Arthit Rojnapat is a new professor at Kasetsart University. He is calm, shy and a quite person and tries to keep to himself most of the time. Having been a head hazer i...
  • singtoprachaya
  • romance
  • kristperawat
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Alpha King   by karismaparveen
Alpha King by karishma parveen
HIGHEST RANKING #1 in Luna. #1 in whitewolf. #85 in Werewolf. #28 in thriller. Lara o'cornell is Alpha Dominic's daughter. The Alpha who has the 5th most strongest and...
  • fantasy
  • wattys2018
  • lgbtpride
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Joshua || MxM || Lgbtq+ by notbackingdown
Joshua || MxM || Lgbtq+by T. Gray
#264 in Romance 06/02/2018 #267 in Romance 03/01/2018 #304 in Romance 07/01/2018 #455 in Romance 24/12/2017 *** Joshua Pits was a big man and that was mostly due to his...
  • musicislife
  • heartbreak
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My Sister's Best Friend [GxG] by wizardsandthrones
My Sister's Best Friend [GxG]by zoë
"You didn't think that I was going to just leave it at that, did you?" Aspen asked in a whisper. Vera's breath turned ragged. "What?" Vera asked...
  • cliche
  • bisexual
  • lgbtpride
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Star Gazers [BXB] by OminouslyAnonymous
Star Gazers [BXB]by Anon Ominous
*Spinoff/Sequel of Lab Partners (Recommended you read Lab Partners first.)* "You know, you shouldn't smoke those things," I spoke softly, referring to the ciga...
  • lgbtq
  • boylove
  • cigarette
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Baby Daddy ( xxxtentacion + Ski Mask ) by gaymor
Baby Daddy ( xxxtentacion + Ski Taymor
-Bxb- Where famous hip hop artist, Stokeley Goulbourne, gets Jahseh pregnant.
  • lgbt
  • ski
  • mask
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Lams Fluff by meghan4358
Lams Fluffby 1-666-tiredasfuck
OH MY TURTLES it's another one!! LAMS FLUFF MODERN AU They're in college. People say shit. There's drama. Jefferson isn't a fuckboi like every one makes him. People are...
  • mulligan
  • pan-tenna
  • modernromance
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Drowning in Depression [COMPLETED] by Max_the_trans
Drowning in Depression [COMPLETED]by Max
Lance goes blind and the team needs to understand and not desown him. He is having many problems and Shiro a huge bitch. Lance is casted out by the team and is captured...
  • pidge
  • bxb
  • allura
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More Than Meets the Eye |Werewolf| [boy×boy] by girlyoudunno
More Than Meets the Eye |Werewolf| Ruby
A cold, stern Alpha and a spoilt, rich kid... Albyn's pack is just picking up the pieces of a brutal war they lost. But now is as good a time as any for him to meet his...
  • paranormal
  • manxman
  • fluff
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Locked Inside [Trans Peter Parker story] by sophieadelia
Locked Inside [Trans Peter big yeet
"I'm the boy that was born as a girl, and every single day I have to prove to society that I'm man enough to be accepted." "Why do people treat you like t...
  • harryosborn
  • wattpride
  • spidey
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Violated by AmbrosaNorthR
Violatedby Ambrosa R. North
Tweek has had possibly the worst possible life. He has been Raped, Assaulted, Kidnapped, Abused, And has been bullied his entire life. He has been in about 10 foster hom...
  • gay
  • ocs
  • abuse
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Tainted Growth by chickensarerad
Tainted Growthby Angela
It's been well over a year since Samantha Sumner left everything behind to start anew with her father. Attending a private school in peace, Samantha lives a drama free l...
  • sequel
  • fiction
  • relationships
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babysitter || yoonmin by yellow-jimin
babysitter || yoonminby ✨jennie✨
"how's babysitting?" "i think i'm in love." "with a 6 year old?" "no with a 20 year old." "you're babysitting a 20 year old...
  • yoongi
  • yoonmin
  • jimin
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The Bane Of Olympus- Book 1 by DitzyAndStubborn
The Bane Of Olympus- Book 1by HeadInTheClouds
After most of Camp Half-Blood and Olympus turns their back on Percy, Chaos claims Percy as his son and Percy relives his whole life all over again. Fighting old enemies...
  • hoo
  • heroesofolympus
  • thegods
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no homo || Jachary AU by JacharysAngels
no homo || Jachary AUby 𝓈𝒶𝓂𝒶𝓃𝓉𝒽𝒶 ♡
-you received a new message!- -opened message- ?- are you from tennessee? Z- what? ?- because you're the only ten i see Started: 6/28/18 Finished: -/-/- highest rankings...
  • lgbtpride
  • fanfiction
  • boyxboy
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The Boy With A Touch Of Cancer(BoyxBoy) by CapeLov3r
The Boy With A Touch Of Cancer( Mikey
Amazing cover made by @Skyrockette. 10/10 would recommend that you ask them for a cover. "Leo pinned me against the wall with his hips. His hands were gently gripp...
  • chemo
  • leukemia
  • cancer
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