Unpredictable Match (Interracial boyXboy)(Mpreg)  by louiistyles
Unpredictable Match (Interracial louiistyles
Cameron Alono Smiths is an innocent, sensitive 16 year old boy from L.A . After living in L.A his whole life, his dad gets a new job out in Brooklyn, New York and they h...
  • interracial
  • whitexblack
  • thug
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The Price of Popularity (BoyxBoy) by beautiful_and_damned
The Price of Popularity (BoyxBoy)by Madeleine Wrangell
[Completed] Asher's life revolves around two things; being popular and his boyfriend, Danny. Unfortunately for Asher, these things don't really coincide, so he leads...
  • popularity
  • gaybook
  • lgbtpride
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Talk Fast ▸ T. HOLLAND by sastieI
Talk Fast ▸ T. HOLLANDby julia
❝ I don't wanna think about a moment with you I'm kinda hopin' for forever ❞ EXTENDED SUMMARY INSIDE TOM HOLLAND x GIOVANNI FLETCHER MALE x MALE REAL LIFE / SOCIAL ME...
  • spiderman
  • calumhood
  • tomhollandmalefic
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no homo | jachary by JacharysAngels
no homo | jacharyby 𝓈𝒶𝓂𝒶𝓃𝓉𝒽𝒶 ♡
-you received a new message- ?- are you from tennessee? Z- what? ?- because you're the only ten i see Started: 6/28/18 Finished: -/-/- highest rankings: #1 on lgbtpride ...
  • jachary
  • fanfiction
  • limelight
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[Completed] Random oneshots from random ass fandoms  by riiiigght
[Completed] Random oneshots from J
Really gay really disturbin really fucked up oneshots form your favorite fandom The only 'straight ' ships I write are stydia ,scallison ,scira and some others that I'm...
  • scottandmalia
  • shameless
  • scira
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Arranged Marriage To Mr Billionaire (MXB) by Skittles_moana
Arranged Marriage To Mr Skittles_moana
*weekly update* "You're just a fucking whore who sleeps around and flirts with other men. Yet you have the nerve to act innocent in front of me! You're disgusting a...
  • bxblove
  • cute
  • mxb
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CHAENNIE (One-shots) by ZekeWinchester
CHAENNIE (One-shots)by Zekhaila
Compilation of BLACKPINK's Chaeyoung & Jennie short stories
  • blackpink
  • gxg
  • equality
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Is He... Gay!? (boyxboy) by humblingoutcast
Is He... Gay!? (boyxboy)by Kruddykidj
"Is he... gay!?", is all James Morris hear when he walks through the cafeteria during lunch. He knew he should've never drunk that much at the party on Saturda...
  • gay
  • wattpadromance
  • school
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One shots ( grethan ) by laconicdolan
One shots ( grethan )by !
A collection of grethan one shots. Highest rankings #9 in grethan #3 in lgbtpride
  • twins
  • lgbt
  • ethan
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The Law of Guys (boyxboy) by currerbellwasbetter
The Law of Guys (boyxboy)by Full Name ;)
**Wattpad Picks Up and Coming List| 6.7.18** Greyson Montgomery has a LOT to say: "Dear People, We would not be this way if you were not constantly telling us: 1)...
  • boyxboy
  • freethelgbt
  • stereotypes
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Bite by 1-800-tracobbitch
Biteby Bloom.for.jachary
Zachary Herron is a small-time waiter in small-town Alabama. He's quiet, keeps to himself, and doesn't get out much. Not because he wasn't attractive. He is. It's just t...
  • jackavery
  • wdw
  • vampire
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GIRLxGIRL Oneshots (smut warning) by TrishkaB
GIRLxGIRL Oneshots (smut warning)by ∙∙·▫▫ᵒᴼᵒ▫ 𝕋ℝ𝕀𝕊ℍ▫ᵒᴼᵒ▫▫·∙∙
Some (sexy,hot,cute,funny,sad,mad) girlXgirl oneshots I could think of. // !!!Smut warning - This book COULD contain sexual content in some parts-- Do not read if you d...
  • lgbtlove
  • dirtyimagines
  • imagines
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Opposites Attract  by 107bucky
Opposites Attract by 107bucky
A poor kid had no business living next to a rich kid with a spoiled family. Bucky wasn't thrilled about the idea, but he certainly wasn't expecting to fall in love with...
  • buckybarnesxsteverogers
  • stucky
  • marvel
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Unpredictable Match 2 by louiistyles
Unpredictable Match 2by louiistyles
Husband is in prison. Raising two kids on his own. Dealing with loneliness. Dealing with his job. How much can one take? Cameron Alono Jackson was happy- fifteen year...
  • 5sos
  • thug
  • interracial
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The Surprise Visit (H2OVanoss) [Completed] by ThatOneBoyishShipper
The Surprise Visit (H2OVanoss) [ ~(^з^)-
Evan and Delirious have been friends for god knows how long. Delirious' birthday is coming up and Evan decides to pay him a surprise visit. Will Jonathan be mad? Happy? ...
  • gay
  • lgbt
  • h20delirious
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Broken -Raura- by LovinRaura1995
Broken -Raura-by LovinRaura1995
What happens when a sex addict falls for a virgin? Ross Lynch's life has unraveled to the point of no return. Fighting to fill the emptiness inside himself, he seeks co...
  • rockylynch
  • lgbtpride
  • rylandlynch
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His Sister by maledictmongrel
His Sisterby mongrel
Tara Miller has the boy everybody wants in the palm of her hand; Jay Harris. But, she is constantly plagued by the feeling that something isn't right. Suddenly, when a n...
  • lgbtfiction
  • lesbians
  • lgbt
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Drowning in Depression [COMPLETED] by Max_the_trans
Drowning in Depression [COMPLETED]by Max
Lance goes blind and the team needs to understand and not desown him. He is having many problems and Shiro a huge bitch. Lance is casted out by the team and is captured...
  • gayaf
  • voltron
  • lgbtfiction
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GirlxGirl Recommendations by OJROMANCE
GirlxGirl Recommendationsby Jennifer
The best girl×girl stories on wattpad. I will be updating this book everyday so do add it to your reading list. But for now be sure to read, vote and comment
  • designed
  • lgbt
  • lgbtlove
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Vanessa Moe Imagines by -HiHoeMie-
Vanessa Moe Imaginesby It'sCabehoe
V-moe imagines? ayee! get some danish mami lovin' here people. Requests are always welcome.
  • girlxgirl
  • gp
  • romance
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