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The Dare (boyxboy) by That_Girl_Cleo7
The Dare (boyxboy)by Fluffy Destroyer of Worlds
It all started with a game of truth or dare... This is a story about a person named Thomas, he is a regular teenager, besides the fact that he is gay. He has to do a pro...
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Warm Skies by xXDarkStormXx
Warm Skiesby James
I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT SAGA OR ITS CHARACTERS, JUST MINE. I use to dream of him. I don't know who he was though. The glowing light captured in his hair, his honeysuckle e...
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Her  Touch (Girl X Girl) by LesbianFictions
Her Touch (Girl X Girl)by Lesbian Fictions
This Is about A girl named Tayelor who is madly in love with her best friend Aavianna but she's in love with another person. Aavianna finally gets the guy of her dreams...
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I Like You | Camila/You by yolo_bananas
I Like You | Camila/Youby Bunny
Let's go to the strip club she said! Oh why did I agree to go? (This is officially the weirdest and stupidest fan fiction ever. I'm sorry) Camila/You ff Copyright ©️...
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STAY by Irfandi_rahman
STAYby Ahmad Irfandi Rahman
Tetap tinggal lah, Ge! Setidaknya, tetap tinggal di hati Babang.
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2009 by bluetroyee
2009by blurryface
||in which two boys meet on the Internet and begin to fall in love with one another|| {TRIGGER WARNING: This story will hit you right in the pheels. Very hard. Do not re...
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The Dawn of Our Friendship by JasmeenDhillon
The Dawn of Our Friendshipby Jas
Read me and find out.
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Bloody Bites by syllie_lolly
Bloody Bitesby syllie_lolly
Drew was an unusual child from birth. His friends described him as extra ordinarily smart yet a lazy bum. Mary on the other hand had experienced so much in her life grow...
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Appointment by toucant
Appointmentby Lizard
Welcome, Mark Fischbach. Enter Progress Report? -Yes No Feb 8th, XXXX. He's getting better. When he first came in, he didn't speak. He told me what happened to him. He's...
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Nothing Wrong With Being Gay by BlueIvyCousin
Nothing Wrong With Being Gayby Rihanna's Bae
Read about the crazy life of RayRay from Mindless Behavior. It is one hell of a ride for him and his boyfriend, Zamir. Expect the unexpected.
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Make It Stop  {destiel high school AU} by Geekstiel
Make It Stop {destiel high Geekstiel
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Destiel one shots by Geekstiel
Destiel one shotsby Geekstiel
Just some Destiel one-shots. :P
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Keeping Score (Lesbian Stories) by alexixmitchell
Keeping Score (Lesbian Stories)by Alexis K. Mitchell
Draven McAlister was living out her dreams, on and off of the basketball court. Not only was she the all-star player on her school's basketball team, but she also had a...
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Love is Love (Lesbian Stories) by hennyxhoes
Love is Love (Lesbian Stories)by Britt📚🎓
This book it about how the love for someone is so strong, it can get you in messy situations. Even when you don't even see it coming.
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Girls Like Girls by alexixmitchell
Girls Like Girlsby Alexis K. Mitchell
Since she could remember, Coley Reed had always had a crush on Sonya Burrows. The two had become instant best friends, after meeting at a Hayley Kiyoko concert. Months l...
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Transgender & Pregnant by ra_chan
Transgender & Pregnantby Cierra
Skylar Rodriguez is a twenty-two-year-old male from Adelaide, Australia. He is a transman. Being transgender, Skylar struggles daily, receiving poor treatment from his p...
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L G B T ★ by cherrypaiin
L G B T ★by Beau Caméléon™
L: "But mother, I love her!" G: "I'm sorry, no fags on our team." B: "Please Lana, stick to boys!" T: "I'm sorry about HER attitude, S...
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"MNLB 2: Starting Over Again" [BoyXBoy] by eikiji
"MNLB 2: Starting Over Again" [ Eikiji
Love turned sour. Memories are left forgotten. Do you still have the chance to start over again? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - This is the second book of MNLB...
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Young Black & Bold by wavvyhippy
Young Black & Boldby chaun
I wasn't able to say anything anger held me close, there was no amount of vulgar words that could ever suffice. Multiple news anchors and reporters have tried to talk to...
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Andy's Biggest Secret [a light BoyxBoy comedy] by killingmeinside
Andy's Biggest Secret [a light killingmeinside
Back in the countryside, Andy was notoriously known as a top class delinquent. Having a naturally playful and rebellious nature, he's famous---or rather, infamous---for...
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