16 | Chapter Sixteen

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     Axy was beginning to feel a lot better. He had woken up a few hours after the attack. His body couldn't handle the overwork of him pushing his body. He wasn't one to workout so the sudden movement in his body caused him to pass out so his body could cool off. So I wanted to do something nice for him in order to get his mind off of the incident.

     "Hey sweetheart, you wanna go bowling tonight?" I asked him. He stared up at me, and was gonna say something before Sarah cut in.

     "That sounds like fun, I'll call up the guys," she smirked.

     "Sarah come on, I didn't as-,"

     "If you insist I go, then I must. Meet you there at five," and then she left. Which really pissed me off. I just want one day with my mate, is that to much to ask for. My little one giggled.

     "It's okay! Sissy likes to go anywhere I go," He said.

     I signed "Yeah I noticed,"

     "I've never been bowling before. It sounds cool," he smiled up at me. His smile is gonna be the cause of my death.

     "It's very cool baby, trust me," I smiled back and leaned down to connect his beautiful small lips with mine. My hand went up to his cheek and his hand gripped onto my arms. My little mate pressed his lips harder onto mine. I let my tongue run across his bottom lip and then softly bit it, making him whimper. My hands then moved to his hip and started rubbing circles. He gasped and I used that to move my tongue into his mouth. But sadly all good things must come to an end, sooner or later. I pulled away giving him one last peck before pulling away completely.

     He looked up at me with wide eyes and his small mouth slightly opened. "Why did you stop?" He whined, his eyebrows frowned. I knew he didn't mean anything more then kissing but Obasi was really pushing through, wanting nothing more then to mount our mate. 

     "Because If I don't, I might end up eating you," I let my lips linger above his and rubbed my nose on his. He whined once more as I moved away.

     "Do you want to go out to eat right now and go bowling later tonight?" I asked him as I nuzzled my face into his neck. I laid little kisses on him, making him squeal and giggle.

     "Yeah!" He kissed my cheek and jumped up.
     "Can we go to Donna's Dinner?! Sissy take me there all the time. The food is the best!" I laughed but agreed.

     "Okay then, let's go get you dress," I got up, threw him over my shoulder and headed up to his room. He laughed the whole way there and was drawing little patterns on my back. As I set him down he smiled and ran to his closet.

     "I have the perfect thing! Sissy got me new overalls!!" He grabbed them and showed me it before slamming the closet door to get changed. My little mate is just so fuckin innocent and cute. I sat down on his bed as I waited for him.

     "Okay, okay, how this look?" He ran from the closet to the center of his room and twirled. He was wearing the new overalls,and a white top that said Meow on it. His socks were white with rainbow stripes and his hair was pulled back in a bun.

     "Honey, you look as cute as always," I got up from his bed and planted a kiss on his arms. "Yay!" He turned around and threw his arms up in the air, jumping over to his shoes.

     "Let's goooooo!" He yelled, giggling as he went down the stairs. I laughed closing the door to his room, following him down to the front door. We locked up the house before heading out.

     "Radio?" He asked me as I drove out the driveway.

     "Go ahead baby," He squealed and started turning the buttons for the right station. Once he hit his favorite station, he laid back into his seat and started to hum along to the song playing. The drive wasn't too long, and we didn't talk much. Just sat in comfortable silence, with the Axy's soft humming. I pulled up to a parking at the dinner and unbuckled my seat belt.

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