3 | Chapter Three

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As someone who dislikes people, I've learned to dislike school even more. It was boring as usual. I did not see the reason I needed to continue on with it. Last year I had the option to graduate earlier due to my test scores however my mother wanted me to have the whole high school experience. As well as not wanting me to leave Hallow alone. Which is bullshit if you ask me but sadly no one asked.

Like I said I don't need to be here but if I skip class my mother would go on a rampage. An upset mother is a dangerous mother. And no one wants that.

After school, we meet up in front of the school like always when we decide to hang out.

"Okay, so since we all got different cars I'll give you my address... Or y'all can just follow me," Sarah shrugged.

"Did you guys come in the same car?" Ruby questions.

"We did," I answer.

"Then Hallow and Betty can go with Sarah in her car. And I'll go with you guys in your car so I can give you directions," she explains.

"That's fine by me as long as you don't touch my shit," I glare at Hallow crossing my arms.

"Hmph, you had no reason to hit me," she scoffs.

"Why I outta-" I say glaring at her harshly.

"Alright big boy, let's get you in the car," Ruby pushed me away from Hallow and we get into our cars.

"Okay, I'll see you guys there," Sarah yelled.

"Damn, Alpha chill out," Ruby sighs as I reply by flipping her off.

"Directions now," I growl.

"Okay okay," she rushes telling me the address to Sarah's place.

After a quick 10 minute drive I see Sarah's car park up into a blue house on the right side of the street. So I park out on the curve.

Getting outta the car last I watch ad Ruby trips on the sidewalk.

"Shit, Ruby are you okay?" asks a worried Sarah.

"Yeah I'm fine," she replies while getting help from Sarah. Prince and Gabe just laughed on the side because for some reason it was the funniest shit they've ever seen.

"Shut up before I show everyone those royal panties of yours," she hisses at Prince. He stops laughing and looks up at her with a straight face.

"Man why you gotta do me like that..." He shakes his head and starts to walk away.

"Doorsteps are that way," Sarah says pointing behind her making Prince change the direction he was walking in.

We all walk up to the steps and as Sarah is getting her keys out she speaks up.

"Before we go in I just wanna make it clear that if any of you hurt my brother physically and/or emotionally, I will personally rip you to shreds," She says in a calm voice with a big smile at the end.

"And I thought I was overprotective of my family..." I mumble. Looking up at the house. It was small but big enough to fit a family of four.

"Fuck off," she replies making me growl. Usually I never let people talk to me in that tone but I let it slide.

Right as she was going to put the key in the door, it swings open to reveal Sarahs sibling.

"YOU'RE HOME... WITH PEOPLE!" Yelled the child on the other side of the door making us flinch at their loudness.

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