2 | Chapter Two

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     It was currently around five in the morning. I tend to always wake up around this time in order to train a bit before the day started. I was in the basement of the pack house. Hitting the boxing dummy as hard as I could.

     Stepping back, I look at the badly beaten dummy. It's face was no longer a face. It had an indent where its left eye should've been along with pieces of it's shoulders hanging of a thread. It's chest and body had deep scratches scattered everywhere. As well as blood stains all over the dummy. Mainly from my fists.

     Looking down, I noticed that both my fist were bruised and cut. The blood slowly creeping down my hands as they begin to heal themselves.

     "Hey Diesel, it's time to go. Come on," I look over at Gabriel as he pulled me out of my thoughts. He smiled and made his way back upstairs as I followed him. A shower and ten minutes later, Gabriel, Prince, Hallow, and I are out the door. And yes, they did indeed name him Prince. Why? I have no clue.

     "Later," I say to my parent as I head out the door before everyone else.

     "See you after school sweetie," my mother replied as father just waves.

     "BYE," yell all of my siblings.

     And let me tell you something, I have a lot of siblings. Like a shit load.

     A twin sister named Hallow. We're eighteen and straight. I'm around 6" while Hallow is around 5"8. And we both have our moms black hair with hazel coloured eyes.

      Two older brothers named Flynn and Fay. They're both twenty. Flynns bi and Fay is straight. Both standing at about 6"2. But they got out dads blonde hair with green and hazel eyes

      Two younger brothers, Sparrow and Sage, along with a younger sister named Scarlett. They're eleven. I don't know what they prefer. Although I think Sparrow has it for boys. Sparrow and Scarlett have our moms black hair but our dads green eyes. And Sage got our dads blonde hair but hazel coloured eyes.

     And not to mention my mother's pregnant. Again. It's just two, but that still adds more people  into this huge family of seven.

     Don't get me wrong, I'm happy mother's having another kid. But seriously they really needs to wear a condom. I'm starting to think mother can't physically have just one kid. Like it's either two or three. There's no in between.

     As soon enough everyone got into my car and drove off.

     "They don't play good songs on the radio anymore!" Hallow groans as she starts playing around with the stations on the radio.

      "Don't touch my shit," I growl slapping her hand away.

      "Ow, bitch what the fuck?" She yells at me, caressing her hand.

     "What! You know I don't like it when people touch my radio," I say, knowing very well she knew it already.

      "That doesn't mean you have to hit me!"

     "Well, it ain't my fault you won't listen."

     "Okay, yeah but that doesn't mean you have to hit me. You asswipe,"

     "Okay then next time just don't touch it. Fuckin simple ass that,"

     "If I wanna touch the damn radio. Imma touch the damn radio."

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