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Sigh, my cute babies are done. Done for the show. For now, hehehe

Here's a small epilogue to finish of the story. Enjoy!


     It was now six years later after the incident, I'm on my fourth year of finishing college. Online. I know I know, 'why online I thought you wanted to go to an actual school'. That's what I originally thought, but after everything that had happened I felt more comfortable doing work at home. Usually I'll do my work in my honey's office. He'd be at his desk with paperwork while I sat on the window sill on my laptop on my lap, typing away on documents

     From time to time I'd sign my hubby over and ask him if he'd like to go out to eat and continue work at the lunch place we'd pick. Everyone in the pack decide to learn sign language for me. So they'd understand whatever I wanted to say, meaning I wouldn't have to write or text out everything I'd like to say. I didn't this know it until my birthday, four years back, where they surprised me with it. Until then it had just been me and Diesel, who had learned it with me.

     "Hey baby doll, how you feelin?" My honey asked for the fifth hundredth time today. I just smiled at him and signed,

     'The baby and I are doing okay, No, I'm not tired. No, I'm not craving anything, and no I'm not in any pain,' He made a tsk sound and nodded anyways.

     "I'm just making sure,"

     'I'm okay, no worry,'

     "No worry?"

     'Worries,' I corrected my self and he laughed. He hugged me and rubbed his nose against mine.

     "Sometimes I miss it when you use to speak like that, how innocent you use to be. But then I think of you now and I think wow, my mate has grown so much smarter, stronger and way more mature than most of the people I know. And I might get a little turned on by thinking about you, I can't deny the truth," of course he'd finish it off like that. I smiled at him and he ducked his head into my neck, laying small kisses here and there.

     "I love you" he whispered. My smile grew and my grip tightens on him.

     Thinking 'I love you too,"

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