11| Chapter Eleven

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I have never slept this good in my entire life. It excites me that I'll be sleeping with my mate for the rest of my life now. He's so comfortable and warm. He makes me feel protected.

I sat up and stretched my arms. I looked back down and saw that Diesel was still sleeping, with that I looked around my room and saw the mess we left of food and blankets when we were watching the movies.

With a small chuckle, I slowly got up to start cleaning. Carefully cause I didn't want to wake Diesel up. I started to pick up the bits of popcorn on the floor and throw them into the bowl again. After picking up all the food I started to fold away the blankets and put them back into my closet.

When I closed the closet door I turned around and squealed a bit when I saw Diesel was right in front of me. I guess I was so into cleaning I didn't feel he wake up and move across the room.

He nuzzled his face into my neck as -his now favorite place- and hugged me "Good morning little, did I scare you?"

"YES! t-that was very ru-ude of you" I say pouting stuffing my face into his chest.

"I'm sorry baby, I didn't mean to scare you" he mumbled into my neck causing shivers to go down my back. He picked me up, which spooked me a bit but I didn't say anything of it. He walked us back to my bed and laid me down. He looked at me and smiled leaning down his lips reached mine.

"You're so adorable, I have to restrain myself from squishing you to death," He smiles against my lips before kissing me. Smiling I grab his face and pull him back.

"Th-hank you. You're v-very s-sweet but please don't?" I say looking at him while I blush madly. I looked to the side still feeling his gaze on me. Being squished to death was not my way to go. As Alpha of one of the biggest packs around he could probably do that. He chuckled and quickly picked me up spinning me around kissing me.

"NO!! y-you're going to drop-p me!!" I yelled half laughing. He pushed me back onto my bed.

"Get ready. I'm taking you out today" He said with a smile looking at me

"Today? R-right now? I thought tomorrow " I squealed kind of surprised.

"Yeah but going out earier then planned wont hurt nobody right?" he said rubbing his nose on mine.

"O-okay then, where a-are we going t-to go?" I asked. However it's Friday so he would still have school to go to.

"Wait, d-don't you have s-school today?" I asked him. He looked over at the clock and then shoots me a wink.

"I'm already late baby, might as well not go," he said giving my lips a peck. He looked up passed me for a second before looking down at me again.

"Let's go to the beach," he told me.

"T-the beach? Won't it be c-cold?" I debating if that was a good idea or not. The beach near us is pretty cold. Sissy took me once and I ended up getting sick. And I never went back again.

"I know one that's not cold, but it is a good three hour drive maybe." He said as his eyebrows frowned.

"Otay, b-beach it is then-n " I said smiling, kissing him.

After I finished getting ready, I went down to tell momma.

"Momma c-can I go to the beach?" I asked as I entered the kitchen. She looked up at me for a second before going back to cutting some carrots and smiled.

"Good afternoon baby. How'd you sleep?" She asked. Okay... I didn't just ask a question.

"Good aftern-noon momma. I slept very good, b-but may I go to the beach?" I told her. Pushing my question. I never get to go out of the house so going with out with Diesel would be amazing. And letting Anna play around with sand would be nice.

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