1 | Chapter One

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     Waiting in my boring old room, I was looking forward for Sissy to come back home from school. Unlike her I'm home schooled. Momma thinks it's a bad idea for me to go to public school due to my tiny 'fragile' frame.

     I'm seventeen but I could pass off as a fifteen year old. My hair is to my waist and it's naturally white. I also have gray cat like ears matching my tail. However, I like to keep my tail wrapped around my waist since it can be pretty sensitive.

     I rarely see people. My parents like to keep me home at all costs. Again, most likely due to my tiny size. My Sister Sarah is my best friend. She keeps me company and likes to sneaks me out when she can.

     Today was important. I wanted to finally tell my parents that I wanna go to school. Physically not just in my house. I really do. I don't like staying here all day anymore. I genuinely think I might end up going crazy.

     The door slams downstairs meaning Sarah was home. Running downstairs and see her along with a friend.

     "Sissy you're home!!" I beam as I hug her tight. Today has felt like it's lasted years.

     "Hey cupcake. How was your day?" Her question made me groan. "It was horrible. I almost died of boredom. There's nothing to do here anymore!" I dramatically fall to the floor with the back of my hand on my forehead.

      This makes the girl and Sissy laugh making me smile.

     "Hey Sarah, you never told me you had a little Neko sibling," The girl exclaims and before my Sissy can answer her, I do!

     "Yep Yep! Momma and Poppa say I'm rare!" I laughed. When I was born Momma and Poppa said that I was born different. Like a gift to them from the Moon Goddess!

     "This is my little brother. His name is Galaxy but we all call him Axy," Sarah introduces me before I could and she laughs,

     "That is such a badass name, he's so adorable!!!" She yelps pinching my cheeks.

     "Owwie," I swat her hands off my face and I pout.

     "That hurt,"

     "Oh I'm sorry cupcake, didn't mean to hurt you," She said borrowing the nickname my Sissy calls me.

     "I'm Ruby, Sarah's best friend," She said making me pout and causing my bottom lip to quiver. I look at sissy and say, "Second best friend! Cause I'm her first best friend, Right!"

     "Of course, you are. Ruby is just my second best friend," She laughed and playfully pushed Ruby.

     "Exactly! That's what I thought," I smile triumphantly.

     "Yeah I'm just the second best friend, sooo" says Ruby.

     "It's, You can be my second best friend too!" I grin at my sister.

     "Sissy Oggi è il giorno in cui mi aiuti a convincere mamma e poppa" I chirp happily. "Sissy today is the day you help me convince momma and poppa,"

"Oh mio Dio hai ragione ho completamente dimenticato bene vieni andiamo farlo ora Rubino può essere il nostro backup." She winks at me making me giggle. "Oh shit, you're right. I totally forgot well come on, let's go do it right now. Ruby can be our backup,"

      "Come on Roo, we're gonna try to convince our parents to let Axy finally go to public school. You can be our back up and help defend us," Sissy tells her as we laugh.

     We walk into the living room, where Momma and Poppa are cuddling watching a movie.

     "Hey, sweets what going on?" Momma smiled, seeing her smile always put me at ease. However today was different and I've never felt so anxious in my life.

     "Go on. Axy Ask," Sarah pushed me to the front so I was stabbing directly in front of the tv. I looked down and played around with my tail. My ear had gone flat down on my head.

      "Uummmm s-so wel-ll I was-s you k-know, well.." I sigh and take a deep breath. Looking over to Sarah and Ruby, Sarah makes a "go on" gesture so I swallow my anxiety and go for it.


     "Tesoro, dovrai ripeterlo," Poppa laughs with a confused look on his face."Honey, you're gonna have to repeat that."

     "I wanna go to public school," I whisper looking down and playing with my fingers.

     "No," both Momma and Poppa say at the same time.

      With watery eyes and shaky breath I half yell, "W-why!?!? Momma. Poppa. Please, I really want to go. I wanna see what it is like. It's my last year! Please just let me. Sissy will be there with me and so will Ruby, right!?"

     Ruby pitches in, "Mr. and Ms. Jones, with all due respect. We'll be going to the same school, So me and Sarah will be able to look after him!"

     Momma sighs and looks at Poppa. They stare at each other for a while until they finally breathe out, "We'll think about it... and we'll tell you tomorrow morning if you're going or not."

     "Oh mio Dio misericordioso davvero," I beam."Oh my goodness gracious really!?!"

     Momma warns, "Don't get your hopes to up Galaxy."

Hello my pretty bees!! 🐝

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Hello my pretty bees!! 🐝

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