18 | Chapter Eighteen

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     To say I was angry would be an understatement. God, I was enraged. Not only was my mate attacked but he was kidnapped too. Without me knowing anything either. I truly suck at being a mate, but I'll make it up. I am going to find those son of a bitches and I am gonna make them pay for what they did.

     Once I had finished the note I stormed out of the bathroom and straight towards the exit. The group tailing behind me. I looked for the bathroom window outside to see if I could find anything else. Everybody was asking questions and I shoved the note into Prince's hands before hopping into the car. I sped back toward the pack house. I was gonna do everything it took to get my small mate back as soon as possible. Without turning my pack in. Once I got home, I went straight to my father's office.

    "We have an emergency," Father looked up at my sudden barging in.

     "Why? what's wrong?" he asked concerned as he stood up.

     "My mate's gone missing. We were at the bowling place and he went to the bathroom with his sister and soon he was gone. All we found was a note on the bathroom floor." Gabe handed me the crumpled up note and I handed it to my father. It took him a few minutes to read it, before his face filled with emotions.

     "That fucking idiot. Is she really gonna go through this again?! She failed last time, what makes her think she's got it this time?" he shook his head and looked up me.

     "I don't know, but I do know that I'ma make her wish she left us alone," I growled, My wolf was on the edge. He wanted blood and he wanted it now. This bitch just wouldn't stop. I knew I should have killed her the moment I had her. 

     "Send in some enforcers and get some warriors ! Send them to the bowling alley! I want them to search the entire area now!" My father yelled at Gabe and Prince, who ran out to gather our fighters.

     After that, we had meetings with the pack. Warning them of what was happening. My mate's parents were fuming with anger. Yelling at me. Blaming me for getting their only son taken away, while in my hands. I agree but now was not the time for us to fight. They can argue as much as they want as soon as Galaxy was back here. Safe and sound.  When that meeting was finished, we held a meeting those who can take part in this rescue. 


      I couldn't remember anything. The last thing I do remember was Diesel showing me how to bowl. Where is everyone? Was I back home? Why don't I remember anything of what happened?

     Slowly my eyes started to open. My head was hurting so much, wanted my mate to be here, he would make my head stop hurting me. I noticed I was in a small room with a small light in the corner. My hands were tied down and so were my legs to a chair?! Where was I? I started to panic, I don't know where I am. My eyes burned when my tears started to show. My heart was fast, like, like if I had just ran a lap. I don't like. I don't like this feeling. I wanna go home! I wanna go home now! Where is Diesel?

     Someone opened a door in the room, and my thinking was stopped. A tall girl walked in, smiling.

     "Oh honey, you're finally awake!" Do I know her?

     "Aww, don't look too scared. We're gonna have fun! I promise" No, I don't know this girl. She was creepy. She had blue hair that looked bright against her pale skin. She is pretty, but she just seemed to be like a scary girl. 

     "You're so cute, even when you cry. No wonder Diesel likes you. Hmm, maybe we can just fix a few things here and there. Then he'll love you forever. What do you think about a permanent smile?" She giggled loudly, tapping the knife against my cheeks. What does that mean? A permanent smile? Will that hurt?

"N-no thank y-you, I'm f-fine," I don't even want find out.

     "Oh, you're no fun. Come on, you big baby. Let's give you a cute make over, for Diesel," She came closer to me with scissors. I shook my head really fast.

     "N-no, no i-i don-" 

     My words stopped and they turned into cries. My cheek was burning, I could taste something bitter fill my mouth. I spit it out on my lap, and I stared shocked. The girl hit me so hard I was bleeding. 


     "Oh, stop screaming. Screaming is not going to do anything. Trust me. I didn't even hit you that hard, you wussy," She laughed. This lady is completely insane. Where is Diesel when I really need him? The girl gasped loudly over my cries.

     "I know! Why don't we just take your larynx out? Then you won't scream as much!" She looked like she had just though of the most amazing thing in the world. I wasn't even sure what a larynxs was. My eyes started to water more, and my cries got louder; earning a glare from her. I know I should've listened, I should've stayed quiet but they couldn't.

     "Shut up!" She ran her hand across my face again. I wanted to cry but my fear of getting hurt overpowered it.

     "Yep, yes, we'll do that," She nodded talking to herself. She looked over at me and smiled, letting her eyes roam down and then back up to my eyes. 

     "P-please, don-" 

     "I  SAID SHUT UP," She slammed her hands on the table, I flinched and closed my eyes. She's gonna kill me! I just know it. God, I don't wanna die. MY tears slowly made their way down.

     "Now why don't we get they pretty throat of yours ready for surgery huh? Won't this be fun!" She smiled and walked over to another door. She left and closed the door behind her.

      Please, I just wanna go home.

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