19 | Chapter Nineteen

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     "Alpha we got a scent on the our south border, They headed into no man's land,"

     "Follow it now!"

     It took five fuckin days to figure out where the fuck that pycho was hiding with Galaxy in her dirty hands. I've never been so relieved in my life. I can't wait to get my mate back. Everyone was on the edge right now. One small move and I could be good or bad for us. If we were to leak out that we knew where they were then that'd give them a chance to move and take Axy with them.

     But tonight, tonight we are ready for them. We're coming bitch.


     I don't know what day it was but I do know that four or five days have passed. My body was so tired I was falling asleep in seconds and then moments later I'd wake up. My eyes and my throat hurt from my cries. When the lady said she was gonna do surgery she didn't' come back to what felt like hours later. I was actually happy, I thought she forgot.

     The moment she came back she looked at me very angrily saying that I should be glad the doctor wasn't going to be able to make it for three days. Once the doctor did show up, he came into the room to see me. He was short and fat. He was going bald and had giant circle glasses He had an ugly face and I hated him. I hated doctors.

     He told me, he was gonna get everything ready just for me. It took them a day to get their doctor stuff ready. The longer it took I was glad. I don't want this. I want to see Coco again, I wanna see everyone again. I wanna see Momma, Poppa, and Sissy. I started crying before it could stop.

     "Stop crying, you pussy," The girl scoffed, glaring at me.

     "Are you ready for today? Say your last words because this is the last time you'll hear your own voice. Isn't that cool?" She giggled as she grabbed onto the wheelchair I was tied to and pushed me into another room. This room was even scarier than the last, the light was yellow and they had a dirty bed in the middle. The walls and the floor were matching with a gross blue tile. They had doctor things everywhere and there was dry blood all over the room. Even on the bed.

     The lady untied me and yanked me over to the bed. I screamed and I kicked but she hit me harder. She pulled a knife out and put it on my throat, making me freeze.

     "Sit your ass down and stop struggling or I won't bother to do the procedure myself," She sneered. I nodded and she gripped me harder. "Are we clear?" I nodded again and she pulled on my arm. "Are we!?" I flinched and whispers yes multiple times.

     "Good boy, now lay down. The doctor is waiting," she pulled me onto the disgusting bed and strapped me down. This is where I die, isn't it?

     "Please, just let me go. please,"

     "Aww, too bad I hate you and your pack if not would've spared that cute voice of yours. So unless that mate of yours helps you or gives me his pack then, bye bye voice,"

     "Why are you doing this?"

     "because I want revenge and power. Sweet revenge on that stupid pack of yours, and the power of your stupid mate," She was about to laugh before somebody else came running into the room.

     "They've been spotted," he said. Who? Who was spotted?

     "The mutt?"

     "Yes, there about an hour and a half away,"

     "Perfect, that gives us enough time. Get the doctor in here, tell him to start immediately. NOW!" she snickered and walked out the room with the man, leaving me all alone. Not long after did the doctor arrive.

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