12 | Chapter Twelve

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     "So how long have you guy's been here?" Prince asked as he threw a football at Gabbe. Looking around I noticed that everyone was here. Hallow, Sarah, Ruby and the boys. So much for a day alone with my mate.

     "Awh fuck. You're all here?" I asked groaning as I turned to hug Axy from behind. I wrapped my arms around his waist as he pinched me and Prince punched my arm.

     "Oh ouch. That hurt, Your name is Prince yet you hit like a princess," I snort. It takes a lot more then that to hurt me.

     "I'm hurt man, I'm truly hurt," Prince gasped as he placed his hand over his heart. He was about to say something else but was cut off as the football hit him straight in the head. He growled and turned tackling Gabbe making me snort again,

     "If you curse again, you owe me twenty dollars," My mate frowned at me.

     "Okay, okay I'll promise I'll try my hardest not too," I vowed as I stuffed my face into his neck. Not shameful of the big sniff I took. His scent was so mouth watering, it was driving me crazy. All he did was giggle about it and to be completely honest I'll probably end up giving him those twenty. I cursed like a sailor, have the time I don't even notice. However, I blame my father, I could hear him cursing since I came out of the womb.

     "He's so smitten," I heard Gabbe and Prince snicker. Dumbshits say that now, but wait til they get their mates.

     "Gross," Sarah moaned out. I looked up and she glared, sticking her finger in her mouth to show she was gagging at the sight of us. I covered my mates eye's as I flipped her the bird.

     "You better put that finger away before I shove it so far up your as-"

     "Whoa there girly, that's no way to talk in front of your little brother now is it." I interrupted her, with a smirk sliding on my face. Her face twisted into a much angrier one but before she could do or say something else Ruby came up to her.

     "Oh, would you look at that, It's a bird." She said as she pulled Sarah away pointing at the sky. Gabbe and Prince laugh while my kitten looked up at me confused.

     "Wait w-what...." He said softly looking up at me.

     "Don't worry about it baby," I told him as I bent down to rub his smaller nose against mine.

     "Otay." He perked up and gave me a small kiss. "Wanna g-go sw-wim?" He asked timidly.

      "Of course baby. Let's get away from these idiots," I agreed with a wink. I stand up before him and held out my hand to pull him up. As we reached it I turned to my baby and asked.

     "You can swim right baby?"

     "Y-yeah, Why?"

     "Don't hate me please" I asked as I threw him over my shoulder.

     "N-NO! NO DIESEL! P-PLEASE! N-NO PUT M-ME DOWN. PL-LEASE N-" He screamed as the water interrupted him when he hit the surface of it. My laughter overpowered the pain on my shoulders left by my boy's nails. As bad as it sounds I loved throwing people into the water, I would always do it to my siblings when we visited the beach. They all hated it, which is fair.

     "W-why woul-ld y-you do th-hat?" He coughed as he got up from the water.

     "I'm sorry Kitten. I jus-" I stopped half way as I saw his face. His hair was in face. His nose scrunched up. His lips pouting, grieving. And his eyes were on the edge of pouring out tears. Oh I knew it wasn't just the ocean water. His arms were also up hugging himself.

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