7 | Chapter Seven

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     It was completely dark when I woke up, my head was hurting so bad. I felt like crying.

     <I'm sorry...> Whispered Anna.

     <Why did you do that?> I asked her. I could tell she was upset. And she should be! What she did was not nice at all!

     <I lashed out on you cause that girl was touching our mate,> She said ashamed.

     <It's fine, you had your reasons. Pleas don't do it again,> I sighed as I sat up and held my head.

     <No, it's was and I wont do it again. It was a stupid reason and I shouldn't have hurt you. I'm so sorry,> She said again. Her pride was low and I could tell. Our inner peace was on a thin piece of thread.

     <Like I said Anna it's fine. I forgive you. Just please, don't do it again. It really hurt,> I told her.

     <I know..> she whispered softly.

     "Honey, are you awake?" asked my mum, softly opening the door and turning the lights on.

     "Ya, you can come in Momma," I got up from my bed. Trying to get my

     "Oh no sit, you shouldn't be up right now sweetie," she said grabbing my arm pulling me back down onto my bed.

     "It's fine, Momma I'm okay. I feel good, just a small headache," I told her sitting anyway holding my head with one hand.

    "Okay, stay here I need to tell your sister that you woke up and I'll get you some pills to make your head feel better," she said smoothing my hair making me purr and smile. She then took her phone out of her pocket as she left the room and soon I was alone again.

      "Hey, Anna do you know how we're mated to him?" I ask her on my way to the dresser to change into my pj. Seeing as I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.

     "Diesel?" she asked.

     "Yeah," I responded as I pulled on my favorite onesie. Just name hearing his name made me feel goosebumps

     "I'll explain everything later on. I promise," she said before disappearing.

      "Meow" Coco meowed as she walked into my room.

      "Coco oh I forgot you were still here!" i said crouching down to pick her up.

      "Aww, that cat is to cute," I heard someone say, I look up to see Ruby.

      "Roo! Look this is Coco!!" I say holding her up for Ruby to see.

      "She is such a cutie, but we really need to talk to you right now. So how about we play with Coco later?" she smiled softly.

      "Okay?" I say with a confused expression as I finish with Ruby, Sarah came into my room along with Diesel.

      "Hey, little one are you okay? Do you need anything?" Diesel says coming over to me caressing my cheek. I loved the feeling and melted into his hand, purring.

      "Yuck, get off my little brother," Sarah said bringing me back from the little bubble I was put in. His eyebrows went down in a frown but he backed up with me unintentionally following him, missing the warmth of his hand.

       "Axy, we need to talk to you alright cupcake?" Sarah told me.

      "M'kay," I plopped down onto my bed with Coco on my lap. I smiled as I looked up at them waiting for them to start.

      "When the Moon Goddess made us they made one person for everyone and once you turn 18 you search for that one special person the moon goddess made for you so you can spend the rest of your life with them," Sarah explained.

      "So for example, your Momma and Poppa are mates! They've been together for a really long time, and they can't be separated without feeling like a huge part of them is missing." Rudy explained.

      "Little one, you and I are made for each other. we belong together." Diesel said in a sweet loving voice that my cat just purred in response.

     "So.. we're gonna be together?" I asked.

     "Yeah, sadly." Sarah mumbled as she rolled her eyes.

     "Do you not like that sissy?" I asked her. "If sissy doesn't like you then we can't be together," I told Diesel as I stood up nervously. His eyes widen in anger and sadness as he turned to Sarah. Her eyes were as wide as Diesel's and a small smile set on her lips but after a moment it left as quick as it came and she sighed. 

    "Dang it Axy baby, I can't do that to you cupcake. It's not that I don't like him I just prefer you without a mate" sighing as she continued "I just don't want you to be swept away from us by your mate, you're gonna leave us behind and you won't need us anymore cause you'll have Diesel." I could tell sis was genuinely upset and she looked like she was on the verge of tears. It made me just want to go and cuddle up with her.

     "Sissy, do you really think that?" I said and she nodded in a sad manner. "I'm not going to leave you guys. I could never. I'd would miss you, Momma, and Poppa way to much. Anna loves you guys tooo much to leave too!" I told her standing up to go give her a big hug.

     "I love you guys and a boy isn't going to change that," I said as I looked at Diesel. If we were made for each other he wouldn't take me away from my family right?

oooooohhhhhh this chapter toke me forever to finish cause i kept getting distracted and stuff

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oooooohhhhhh this chapter toke me forever to finish cause i kept getting distracted and stuff. my fault I would have upload earlier but yeah..

anyways if you liked it that great. vote coment or not it doesnt matter what ever yall want bye bye now. Kisses :3

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