13 | Chapter Thirteen

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What sissy told me yesturday, had been replaying in my mind like some kind of haunted broken record player. It kept making me rethink my decision on whether or not I should go to public. I've been doing really good in homeschool and I could take the test to see if I can graduate early. Then I wouldn't have to bother Momma and Poppa.

"With Mom and Dad, I dont think you'll ever step a foot on school ground. If anything it's better that way." I had asked her if Momma had told her anything about me going to a public school. I've been so distracted with finding my mate that I had completely forgotten about my request to join a public school. Momma and Poppa haven't mentioned a word and I noticed they've been a lot more quite recently.

"Think about it this way cupcake, you have to remember you're a neko. Your type is rare, anyone would want to get their hands on you. I think it's best if you stay homeschooled,"

It's dumb. It's all stupid. Why would anyone want me. I don't do anything, I'm not magical or have any sort of powers. I'm just like a werewolf, but instead of a canine I had a feline. Sure I'm rare but who's to say there's not more out there like me.

It's been a few day since I've last seen Diesel and Anna's been scratching to see him again. I've asked Sissy if she's seen him, but all she says is "He's busy guppy, he'll come vist when he has the chance," I've been bored out of my mind. I wanna go out again, I want to see my mate again!

Everyone in the house are gone. Sissy is at school, Momma and Pops are working. What they don't know won't hurt, right? It was only around ten, Sissy is the first to get home at three. So, if I go out now I'll have around four hours of adventure.

I grab the spare house keys, a sweater, and a water bottle.

Just steping outside is refreshing. I leave through the back door, knowing if I leave from the front door then neighbors will see me and tell Momma.

The good thing is that we have a gate along the fence. Facing straight into the forest behind our house. I just wanted to outside of the house, I mean one can only stay indoors for so long before going insane. I thought just walk out straight that way I can turn around and come back without getting lost.

The day was beautiful. The temperature was balanced perfectly in the middle with the sun shinning strong and the light cold breeze kissing your skin so it wasn't unbearable weather. The tree were swaying, dancing together and you could hear the birds chirping in the distance. Every now and then I'd be able to spot a squirrel and if I stayed still for a bit I'd spot deer.

After an hour or so of walking, the deeper I got into the forest, the more the trees grew taller with branches that stuck out covered in heavy leaves. The quieter it got and the more they blocked out the sun.

I few minutes ago I stopped being able to spot animal and I began thinking it was time to turn around. Stopping to take a sip of my water, I got distracted while trying to open the cap. My ears perked up as I heared something rustling behind me. Slowly facing the noise, I look around in search of an animal or anything else. I feel my heart beating against my chest as fast as it can.

A few seconds pass by and I hear nothing more. I sat down on a rock and closed my eyes, thinking maybe it's just my brain making me hear silly things. I focus more on my senses around me and I feel uneasy. Anna's also on the edge, I can feel her pacing around in my mind and a wave of discomfort settles inside me.

<Go back home now, something's not right Axy,> Anna whined, but she didn't have to tell me twice. However that decision wasn't made for me to make.

  I open my eye and regain my focus staring straight into deep red eyes.

The wolf snarls at me as drool seeps from his mouth and foam begins to form.


I blink before quickly making a dash back to my safe home, oh how I missed my room, my teddy bear.

However as soon as I moved he moved as well, I yelled in pain as his claws ran down my back as I  turned to make a dash for it. I'm sure my screams were able to be heard from the next town. I trip but regain my balance as I sprinted to my left trying my best not to fall over again. Ignoring the sharp pain in my back. I sprint faster as I hear the wolf growl, I feel the snap of his jaws as he trails closely behind me. I was going to run out of breath soon I knew I wouldn't be able to out run him as much as I'd hate to admit. I made so many sharp turns, trying to lose him but I couldn't.

My lungs were angry at me, my throat was dry and burning. My legs were screaming to be given a rest, but I didn't have a choice. I could've ran back home but I would've lead him straight the house and that would've been more dangerous.

I stopped at a clearing in the forest not being able to hear him any longer, I'm sure I finally lost him. I bent down trying to control my breathing, as it was escaping from me rather harshly. My body locked up and stayed deadly frozen when I heard.


"You thought you were fast enough to out run me? How cute," He rasped out in a low sickening voice.

"L-leave me-e a-lon-ne," My legs were bucking in pain and my head was pounding.

"Awe but what's the fun in that. I'm sure Alpha Diesel wouldn't mind if I borrowed you," He laughed again, shifting back into a pitch black wolf and growled. His upper lip curled up showing his sharp teeth as he snarled at me. I looked at my surroundings trying to find something to help. I'm lost, I don't know what to do. I'm out of breath, my legs aren't working and my head feels as if it going to explode. I knew if I made a run for it again I'd black out and get caught.

He growled before shifting his legs, crouching down and made a leaped straight towards me...

I never felt it.

I heard the growling, the snarls coming from the wolf trying to kill me. I saw his mouth open, his teeth showing. I closed my eyes and waited for the impact. Yet I never felt them.


My name. My name was yelled out. I look up from my arms, as I didn't noitce they where up in front of my face. Shielding me in some way from the scary creature in front of me. I felt a hand grab me and wasted no time to drag me away. Forcing my legs to move far more then they could.


"Oh my god, Axy you scared the living shit outta me," She bawled out. I blinked, confused and in pain. "Are you okay? What the fuck happened?" She questioned. My head my spinning and I couldn't think straight. All I could focus on was keeping myself awake.

     "Please, no yelling, no cursing..." I whimpered, just as I finally allowed my legs to give in and my eyes to close. Letting the cold emptiness to engulfed me.


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