8 | Chapter Eight

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     "I love you guys and a boy isn't going to change that."

     That's true. A boy or a girl shouldn't change the way you see your family cause they've been there for you more then that person you just met. I know we're mates but still, it shouldn't change anything. The only reason I'd drag him away from his family is if I thought it would be the best for him. Like if they were hurting him or something. However he's living with me.

     "Awh, I love you Axy baby," Sarah said tearing up. "I don't want you to leave me, it's as if just yesterday we were playing hide n seek together," She continued sobbing.

    "He's not going anywhere," I sigh making her look up at me from her hug. He might be moving in with me but not across the country. I roll my eyes at her and sit down on his bed.

     "I'm not taking him away from you, I could never," I told her, "I know how close you and your family are, I'd at least like to get close to my mate without you and or your mom wanting to hurt me," I joke trying to lighten the mood which rewards me with a little giggle from my mate.

      "Fine, Cool, Great. But if he even goes one week without seeing us, we're sparing," Sarah glared as she pointed to me. "Family comes first," She huffed.

     "What? We're mates! We're always first," I growl at her.

     <She's bluffing, she knows a pull of a mate is much more stronger,> Obasi growled.
{A//N I changed his name to Obasi now so if you see it say Triton somewhere else just know :) }

     "Whatever," She mumbled. It was quite amusing to see her so annoyed as well as irritating to see her acting like such a brat. Obasi was itching to get out and show her not to disrespect an alpha.

     "Sissy, I hate to ask but can I talk to Diesel alone right now," My little mate asks in a small voice while looking at Sarah and Ruby, blushing badly. God, my cute tiny mate is going to be the death of me.

     Sarah glares at me while Ruby grabs her arm "Come on, let the love birds have sometime alone," Rudy said dragging Sarah out of the room

     "Wait! but-" Sarah wanted to say "No butts now, let's goo," Ruby said pulling her out of the room leaving me and my cute mate standing in the quiet room.

      "Hey baby, what is it you want to talk about?" He comes closer to me and I wrap my arm around his waist pulling him in between my legs. He looks up at me nervous. Still a little bit blushy.

     <This is the perfect opportunity to mate him right now,> Obasi growled lowly making me mentally roll my eyes at him.

     <The last thing we want it to scare him, put your horny ass away,> He

     "I, umm well, I wanted t-to talk about t-this," He said pointing between us.

     "Our mating?" I ask.

     "Y-yeah," he said.

     "Okay, so what is it you wanna know kitten," I question him, grabbing his small hands, kissing one. Blushing he looked away and mumbled something, making me chuckle. If I had human hearing I wouldn't have been able to hear him.

      "How does it work?"

      "Well baby, mating means you're stuck with me for the rest of your life. When someone is born the Moon Goddess makes sure to make someone for you. She makes sure everyone has their other half. So when you turn eighteen you find them and you get to love them and adore them for the rest of your life. And that's exactly what I plan to do Kitten," He looks at me with warm unsure eyes and I caress the side of his face. He purrs and I take the chance to pull him up on my lap so his legs are on each side of mine. Rubbing small circles into his hips I continue;

     "But don't worry I'll never take you away from your family. I mean I would love it if you lived with me but that can wait and so can the mating and everything else. I don't care as long as I get to be with you. I swear to the Mood Goddess I'll protect and love you with all my might. This all probably sounds a bit weird since we just met. But like they said we're mates. You were made for me and now you're stuck with me," I said looking straight at him. He looked wide eyes with a red face. He was just too cute.

     "S-so we d-date?" He asked.

     Chuckling I agreed with him "Yes, we are dating," I leaning down rubbing my nose on his smaller one making him giggle. He shuffles on my lap and I grip his hips tighter as Obasi begs me to take him right here, right now.

     "You alright with that?" I ask as I place a kiss on his forehead.

     "Umm, yes!" he says with a cute little giggle. I rest on hand on his cheek. Having him lean into my hand made me want to lock us in this room and keep him all to myself.

      "You're so cute, Obasi and I just want to eat you up," I say leaning into his face my lips almost to his. He had wide eyes and cherry red blush on.

     "O-obasi?" He looks down fumbling with his fingers.

    <Soon enough he'll be screaming it instead of whispering it,> Obasi smirks. If I could I would've smacked him.

     "Obasi is my wolf, he's your neko's mate," I would've let Obasi introduced himself but I didn't really trust him around Axy just yet.

     <You act like I'm gonna hurt him, I'm not. I just want a taste,> He whines.

    <He's not a pastry Obasi,> I roll my eyes at him once again.

    <I bet he tastes like one though,> He mumbles before drifting to the back of my mind. I get pulled out my thoughts as Axy's arms go around my neck and presses his smaller body against mine.

     "Tell Obasi I said hi," I laugh and wrap my arms around him tighter.

    <Hey Kitten> Obasi said as he appeared back in my head at the mention of his name. He growled lowly in a protective manner as our mate purred around us.


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