17 | Chapter Seventeen

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     When we got there, I walked over to Axy's side and opened the door for him. He squealed as he got out of the car, "Ooooh I can't wait!" I laughed and closed the door behind him. Everyone else got out of their car and we made our way inside. Axy walked in front of me joining the girls. He took a moment to look around the place. I won't lie it was a pretty cool place.

     The lights were off and they had some LED lights on making some colors look bright and neon. They had big screens with bowling animation on it every time you had a streak and all that good stuff. My cute little mate awed at the place. He did a little twirl and looked back at me again. He giggled and bounced over to me.

     "This place is so cool!" He grabbed my face in his small hand and kissed me multiple times. I smiled and let me do whatever he wanted to. This was a new gesture but I'm sure I can get used to it.

     "Thank you so much for bring me!"

     "No problem baby, I'm surprised Sarah never took you," I took his hand in mine and kissed his lips.

     "I didn't cause I thought he was gonna have a hard time with the weight of the bowling balls," Sarah replied to my statement as she walked pass us. I get where she's coming from seeing as Axy has a hard time with some tasks cause of his small weakish frame. But then again that's why they have kid size bowling balls.

     "Whatever, let's go get your bowling shoes," I said, as I looked down at my cute mate and rubbed my nose on his. I noticed it was one of his favorite gestures. He jumped up and pulled me to the cashier, in which gave us our shoes and pointed us to a lane in the far back corner. Axy and everyone else made their way there. I stayed back and asked the cashier for a lighter ball. He looked at me with a bemused expression then slowly got a purple kid size ball from the rack behind him.

     "Here you go, kiddo,"

     "I know what you're thinking and no it's not for me," He laughed and put his hands up in a defensive way.

     "It's cool bro, I don't judge," I shook my head with a chuckle and made my way to the group. I passed Gabbe on my way there.

     "Hey bro imma go order a pizza, want anything?" He asked.

     "Sure, just an apple juice for Axy," he smiled and said okay before walking off. I made my way to Axy and gave him a small peck before handing him the kid sized ball.

     "Here you go baby, this should be perfect for you," He held the ball up and down as if weighing it.

     "Thank you, thank you. This ball is so cute," he smiled up at me and I grabbed his shoes and helped him put them on.

     "Sarah and Hallow are going first, then it's my turn!" My sweet little mate turned to Sarah watching her closely while his head was tilted. Which made him look much cuter than usual.

     He held out his leg and I tied the shoes so he wouldn't trip or anything. When Gabe came back, he handed me Axy's drink and told me to listen for when they call our number. I sat back down and gave Axy his drink.

     "Thank you," he smiled and kissed me before taking a sip from it.

     "Can you hold it? It's my turn," He smiled and went up to the lane. Since he was watching Sarah and Hallow. He kind of knew what to do. He rolled the ball and almost tripped before gaining his balance. However the ball didn't make it to the pins,  landing straight into the gutter. He turned around slumped and frowned.

     "Don't worry baby you have another chance," I told him patting his bum as he passed me to sit down. He had one more turn so I thought I'd help him out.

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