5 | Chapter Five

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I stared at my little one for a while before looking up at everyone else.

"Duuuude..." Dragged out Gabe.

"Is he gonna be alright?" Asked both Hallow and Betty concerned.

"Let go of my brother. Give him to me!" Sarah rushed over to me. Like hell I was gonna leave my mate after having him faint like that. Is she crazy? I hugged him closer to my body and growled.

"Over my de-" I growl only to get cut off.

"Hun I'm ho-" A small yet older version of Sarah yelp as she dropped her things on the floor. Obviously shocked as she ran over.

"Oh, my baby! Hand him over now!!" She yelled making my wolf growled at her. Just like with Sarah.

"Alpha Miller! That is my child!" She glared taking the newspaper left on the table, rolling it up before hitting me with it. Multiple times.

"Mom! He's just protecting his mate," Sarah told her pulling her away keeping in her laughter as she took the papers away from her mom.

"Hmph, that gives him no right to growl at me that way. This is my house, not to mention that's my son." She hissed looking in between us, clearly not happy at all.

"I'm dismissing your behavior because you're Axy's mother, but disrespect me one more time and you will be punished," I roughly standing up carry Axy, bridal style.

"Hmph. Nu-uh, not in my house. Now, please may you hand over my child before I hit you with something harder," She glared at me with a glint of fear in her eyes. However she was stubborn.

This woman is violent. I understand where Sarah gets her violentness from.

"Ma'am whether you like it or not, your son is my mate and will forever be my mate." I say as I hold him away from her. She glared at me even more and looked about ready to explode.

"I think you should give her Axy back before she starts throwing things", Sarah said looking at me unsure. Then looking at her mom. Sighing Obasi and I give up and gently handing Axy other to his mother.

"Oh my poor baby." I hear her whisper as she takes him away from me. Most likely setting him down in his room.

"I'm sorry" Hallow whispers as she leans into hug me. "I'm excited you find your mate tho!"

"It's fine. Thank you Hallow," I say looking back at her.

"Okay well, umm, heresy an idea. Why don't we go out somewhere. Then when little kid wakes up we'll come back so you and Sarah can talk to him properly" suggests Prince.

"Yeah, that sounds legit. We can head out to the diner in town a few mintues away," Gabbe agrees.

"Okay, sounds like a plan," chirps Betty. Frustrated, I run my fingers through my hair, I didn't really want to leave my mate right now but I know can't stay. I don't think their mother likes me very much at the moment.

"Alrighty then. HEY MOM, WE'LL BE OUT OF YOUR HAIR FOR A COUPLE OF HOURS" yells Sarah making us all wince. We head to the door, when her mom comes back down the stairs.

"Good, I'll text you when Axy wakes up again."she tells Sarah.

"Okay, I was gonna ask you to anyways. We're going to the dinner. Want anything?" She asks.

"Yes, of a matter a fact I do. I want my son to stay mateless and stay my here as my little cupcake forever," She huffs making Obasi growl at the statement.

"Sorry but that is never gonna happen," I say as I push everyone out the door, really not wanting to continue this conversation.

"Don't you think I that already!" Sarah's mom says slamming the door shut.

"Now I know where Sarah get her aggressiveness from," Both Prince and Gabe laughed.

"That what I was thinking," I said smirking. In which made Sarah punch me in the arm, since I was the closest one to her

"You know what? Fuck you all of you," she says.

"Oh okay now, we see it," Hallow and Betty say looking at her.

"I already knew it" shrugs Ruby.

"Hmph, let's go before I leave you guys here to deal with my birthgiver," Sarah huffs marching to her car and Ruby didn't trip this time.


Once we arrive and I park near the door to the diner. There weren't much people around this time so we pretty much had it to ourselves.

"Diesel! Hallow! Good to see you guys again" says my uncle Rainn.

"You saw us yesterday," Hallow laughs as she goes to hug him. Rainn is human and he's mated to my mom's brother, Emmett. He's really small, although not as small as my mate but he almost there. He runs the diner since most of the shops and restaurants here are owned by pack members.

We sit down at a booth and Rainn gives us the menus.

"Guess what Uncle Rainn! Diesel found his mate!" Whispers/yells Hallow making me groan.

"Really, Hallow really?" I was gonna wait to tell the family but Hallow can't keep her mouth shut no matter how are you try.

"Not even! Are you serious?! Em get your fat ass over here. Diesel found his mate!" Yells Uncle Rainn for Emmett, in which caused everyone in the dinner look over to us shock having just heard that I finally found my mate.

"Oh wow, thank you so much for announcing it for me," I sarcastically say as Emmitt walks over.

"Oh, you're welcome honey. Also don't worry I'll tell your parents too when I see them too," He laughed and as if on cue mom and dad walk in. I groan and slam my head on the table. It's not that I don't want them to know its that my mom will go crazy and want to meet them right away and he'll  start demanding grandchildren like he did with my older brothers. And honestly, I don't think that Axy would be able to handle that right now.

"Oh my gosh right on time! Why I have to tell you something!" He sings jumping over to them.

     "Oh my gosh right on time! Why I have to tell you something!" He sings jumping over to them

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Short and horrible. My specialty. hehehehehe I know I know. Anyways sorry I took so long updating I'm quite slow at that. Some days you'll get multiple chapters and some days you'll get nothing. I don't know why I do that. Habit? Dunno oh well at least I updated right?  vote and comment. Pic above is Prince. 😁
Any ways take care polar bear.

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