Chapter 11:

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We fixed the confusion! so Jarvis let Percy out of his cell and led him to the kitchen and the reason they are being all friendly is because they want him to be comfertable and such. im surprised we had made a soultion so quick so have fun reading the story! oh and we do not own Percy Jackson or the Avengers only the characters we may or may not put in.


Percy's POV

I followed... I think his name was Tony around as he showed me the tower. 'why are they showing me the tower if they catured me?'
I thought at the stupidity "And this is the avenger's floor which holds the rooms of all the avengers" he said with a smile. i found that a bit creepy.....he showed me most of the tower. he stopped and put his hand to his ear piece.
"ok I'll bring him" he said in the piece and turned to me. "
"Whelp, let's go see Fury!" he said and started to drag me to where ever Fury may be. we entered a room and I assumed it to be a meeting room
"I brought him!" Tony yelled into the room. There was this man with an eye patch looking at some papers. "Stark you dont have to yell"
He muttered and looked at us "Sit Jackson, I want to talk to you about a proposal I have for you" he said and I sat down with The rest of the avengers in the room.
"I want you, to join the Avengers, to help protect the city." he said
I was shocked me.. as an avenger? well that came quickly.. but I still have to protect Mom and Paul.. so I really don't want to be in another group where I could endanger them. what to do?
"I'm sorry but I will have to say no."
I said as I play nice and polite.
They were even more shocked than me. "Pass up being an avenger? Why would you?" I heard Clint say to the others were chatting to each other.
"may I ask why you would pass on being an Avenger?" Fury asked
Quite curious on why I passed this up. "Well if I join I will have enemys and they might hurt my mom and
step-father if they found them so I say no"
I said a little annoyed "Well you have an alter ego type thing and keep you real identity a secret" Tony piped up K thought about it.
"That could work only if I have an alter ego" i say then look back to Fury. "If I have an alter ego I will join the avengers... but i have school and i know my mother is worried by now."
I said thinking about how angry and worried mom woild be if I stayed any longer here. "Can I like get back to my mother?" I asked
"Yeah we can send you now, Lets go!" Tony said and dragged me to the cars. today has been very weird.

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