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Chapter 15:

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(Percy's POV)
I saw Tony at the door.
"It's time to go Percy.. lets go do whatever Fury wants to do with you."
Tony said and stood from his leaning position.
"Bye mom! I'll see you when I can." I said and kissed her on the cheek. "Okay then. Bye Percy!"
She replied and Tony and I left. We made it back to Stark Tower, we went up to whatever room Fury was in to tell him that I was in.
"Okay Fury should be in here" Tony said and we entered. Fury looked up from his work and saw us.
"Oh your back.." he muttered and looked back to his work. "Fury, I have decided to join the Avengers."
I said surprising them. "Wow that was fast.." Tony said.
"Alright then, welcome to the Avengers.." Fury said. "Oh can I have a secret identity? I have a few people that I don't want to find me, and I already made one up."
I said to him. "Sure.. what is the identity?" Fury asked
"My name will be Mizu (how to pronounce it = Mi-zoo), it mean water. I'll have a mask and such to hide my face"
I said already picturing what Mizu would look like. "Ok.. we will have someone help you make the costume" Fury said and We left the room.
"Glad to have you on the team. now lets get you associated with the rest of the team and get you a proper room"
Tony said all happy. I sigh as he dragged me to where ever the others were. he started to introduce me properly to everyone and he got me a new room...
"So now that you know your way around the tower and know everyone, well except Thor.. I'll leave you alone. dinner will be around 8. Jarvis will tell you"
Tony said and left. I fist pumped that he was finally gone and I jumped on my new bed. "So tired..." I muttered and fell into inky blackness.

A/N Hey guys Dusk here! sorry this took so long to postand sorry Its a bit short, things have been a little crazy with all the things happening around Wonder and I. i glad that all you current readers are patient (i think thats how you spell it) enough with me because I'm usually the one being slow with updating.. Then again Thank you for being such loyal readers! I've been thinking.. i should call you all something. like I've seen others call their readers or watchers like on YouTube something like Bros, The Sky Army and such... i would like to give you all a name so i don't have to keep calling you all 'readers' it sounds so old.. comment ideas on what you readers want to be called. Again Thank You!

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