Chapter 23

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A/N Hey! Its Dusk! Please don't attack me! I know its like really late but here it is! Oh and a late Merry Everything, happy valentines and other things. Lets get to the story!

~•~•~• Shi's POV ~•~•~

Being a demi-god isn't a completely a bummer I suppose... It's complicated, deadly and sometimes it gets you killed in brutal ways.


On the other hand, demi-gods, Like the famous Percy Jackson, start off with horrible lives but turn to be good. Ever since Azar and I arrived at Camp Half-Blood, things seemed to be running smoothly. Well that was until Percy disappeared without a trace of him left behind. I mean like how can that happen!? There is always a trace!

There must have been some godly being messing around! Well unless he can fly or become a ghost, or teleport... Anyway his girlfriend, Annabeth Chase, has been non-stop looking for him, which means she hardly sleeps and is now always cranky or upset if you tried to talk to her.

Eventually, the Goddess Hera, gave her a vision of where to find Percy. I'm a bit suspicious, I mean seriously, why wouldn't the Oracle or Lord Apollo give the vision? Something doesn't add up. Butch, a son of Iris, and her went to find Percy, where ever he may be, only to come back with three demi-gods.

One was Jason Grace, who is a son of Jupiter; who I found out to be Zeus's counter part or Roman version. Wait isn't Thalia's last name Grace? Does that mean her mother had a child with a different man that turned to be the same-ish man? Or did he have a child with another Grace? I am so confused.

Well moving on. stupid ADHD, The next one is a daughter of Aphrodite, Piper McLean, Whom is so different than her brothers and sisters which is so awesome! Lastly there was Leo Valdez, a son of Hephaestus, strangely enough is now Azar's brother. Well, half-brother. But anyways...

He is so funny, and awesome... I may have found another prank buddy. Hehe. The trio is now staying at Camp, Annabeth still continues to search for Percy while I am still getting use to this new life. Staying in one place is sorta nice.

Azar made some new friends! Their names are Ally and Jade. Sorta reminds me of this girl I met when we were in Hollywood. Her name is Jade too. Sorry getting off track...again.

She also met these other kids, who are now my prank buddies, Whom are named Travis and Connor Stoll and this girl named Kate. I think Azar might have a crush on one of the boys... I swear to the fates if he hurts her I will pound his face into the lava wall then into the ground so hard we will be in my father's domain. 

So I've been hanging around Nico who is my brother. Turns out he is really protective over his sisters and is really funny and awesome once you get to know him. I finally got him into gaming and Anime!

I had some of the Hephaestus cabin make us some gaming things and a laptop which we can watch Anime on and not attract monsters of course. Don't ask how they did it though because I have no idea. I got him hooked on the anime called Assassination classroom. I've been hooked on Ouran High Host Club. Sorry back to the story telling.

Anyways Piper, Jason and Leo have gotten a quest, I think they are lucky. I've been itching to go out and do some hunting. They returned with this satyr dude named Coach Hedge.. Just roll with it, I have no idea either.

Leo had created a metal dragon named Festus but only his head and neck remained which is sad. So long story short, Annabeth, Leo, Jason, Piper and Coach Hedge went to go find Percy, which starts the prophecy of the Seven...

I think I wasn't really paying attention at that part but to what Azar told me that's where they went. Oh! did I mention that Leo made this huge ship which he stuck a ginormous, metal dragon head on it?!? Leo named the dragon Festus which is funny because that means happy in Latin.

Sooooo..... yeah. I guess. There is a summary of what has happened. I'm gonna go find some people to prank and make people smile. Gods, talk about a major time skip much? But now that you're all caught up, we're good to go.

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