Chapter 7:

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(Percy's POV)
During the funeral surprisingly the gods came and blessed Nico, Anna- her, Jason, Grover who reincarnated as and apple tree. Gods I miss them so much. After everyone left I got out of my hiding spot and read the graves.
"Annabeth Chase" girlfriend of Percy Jackson, followed the mark of Athena, killed Arachne, and many other things. You will always be remembered."
Next was Jason's... Jason's grave read: 'Jason Grace, son of Jupiter, boyfriend of Piper McLean, former praetor of Camp Jupiter, killer of many, many things. May you rest in peace' I then looked at Nico's grave. 'Nico di Angelo, brother of Bianca di Angelo, son of Hades, helped with the prophecies and killer of many things. May you rest in peace' Then Grover's 'Grover Underwood, the guide of many demigods, chosen of of Pan and best friend of Percy Jackson. May you rest in peace.' I broke down in tears. I wasn't strong enough to protect them.... I failed them. I kept muttering how I should have died instead of them. After some time I looked at the time to see I've been there for a few hours so i got up and went home. I decided not to stay at either camps and just stay with my mom tonight.
I couldn't bare to go to either of the camps knowing that I'd be blamed for their deaths. I couldn't face the shame. I heard someone coming so I vapor traveled to my mom's apparent. I climbed in through my bedroom window, not wanting to wake anyone. I remembered the moon lace that Calypso had given me. It was still sitting in the same spot I had planted in so many years ago. I found some old pj's and slid them on. I then fell asleep to the sounds of passing cars and crickets chirping.
A/N hey guys. Don't mind me, I'm just fixing some things up. Btw, Grover didn't die. 😉 Thanks for everything guys.

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