Happy New Years!!!! 2015!!!!

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HEY GUYS!!! Dusk_of_day here. Happy New Years! i know i write many of these author's notes but i wanted to say it. i also wanted to thank everyone that has been keeping up with me and all of these author's notes and reaching 3.5K reads! that is a lot in my book and sense we just started this book. i just love you guys! well this is a New Years from everyone!

Kyoya and Yami: Happy New Years!

Percy and the gang: Happy New Years!

The Avengers: Happy New Years!

Fury: Get back to work!

Dusk:Oh dont be a sour puss Fury!


The Creepypasta gang:Happy New Years!

the future gangs of anime people or made up people: Happy New Years!

Dusk:oh and a late Merry Everything! you know sense i dont know your religion and such...

Yami: oh now you remember...

Dusk:oh shut up Yami... you wouldnt be here if it wasnt for me and i can make you do things you wouldnt want to do!

Yami: Kyoya! Help me!

Kyoya come back from the creepypasta gang and drags Yami back to the creepypastas.

Dusk:welll... ok then. Bye for now! you might get something from Wonderworks101 later or earlier depending on when you read this or when i update this.... Sayonara! correct me if i spelled that wrong

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