Percy's Pov Chapter 4

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Once I was up on my feet she hugged me and started talking "I thought I lost you..." she said still crying. "The Fates made me immortal... so I can't die" I said patting her back. after awhile the gods came in the room. "Percy" My dad said and hugged me. "Hey dad. How's it going?" I asked acting like my old self.. even if i can't be the old Percy I can still act like it. "Percy the Fates came to me and said we could give the remaining Demi-gods of the 7 a wish" Zeus said as he slung an arm around Thalia. "So whats your wish?" Dad asked me. "My wish.. is to cut my ties to the gods until I am ready to be back and let Half-Blood and Jupiter be allies" I said to them. at first they were surprised but they did it anyway. so I packed and stood at the gate near Thalia's tree."I'll see you later Percy.. always know I'll always love you." Dad said "Bye Dad I love you too" I said and said the rest of my goodbyes and vapor-traveled to mom's apartment. (if you dont know what vapor-travel is its a way to travel with the water molecules in the air)

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