Chapter 22

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A/N So it's Wonder here, what did you guys think of the last chapter? Sorry if we screw up some stuff, co-writing is challenging and I'm sorry for stuff that we messed up. I believe I accidentally killed Grover in chapter one and that should've killed Percy to because of their empathy link but now that I've realized that, Grover never died. 😉 Enjoy the chapter written by yours truly! Also, if you haven't already please follow my other account wonderworks5232 . I follower for a follower 😊👍🏻.
(Percy's POV)
It was after hours and everyone at camp was asleep. Well, everyone except me that is. I was waiting at Zeus's fist for Thalia, Grover, Rachel and Chiron to come. I was still wearing my sparkly, navy, blue cloak, allowing it to cast a shadow over my face so I couldn't be recognized.
All that could be seen was my nose and mouth. Beneath my cloak I wore a black long-sleeved shirt with jeans and a pair of dark sneakers. I bit my lip, tapped my foot nervously and leaned against a tree with my arms crossed. I was getting impatient, mainly due to my ADHD.
Suddenly, I heard the crunching of leaves nearing towards my left. My natural demigod senses kicked in and I brought out Riptide. I uncapped it and it sprang into sword form. "Whoa, sheesh it's only me. Put the sword away." A voice said sternly. Grover, I thought.
"Mizu, right?" Grover questions, stepping out from some bushes. "I'm not a Japanese expert, but I've been chatting with one of our newest demigods, Shi, and according to her, Mizu means water." He stated wisely. I nodded in reply. "Grover stop lecturing him and let's cut to the chase." I heard Thalia grumble as she appeared out of the woods beside Grover.
Following her came Rachel, then Chiron. "Hello Master Chiron, Miss. Dare, Miss. Grace and Mr. Underwood." I said in a sarcastically, polite way. Thalia grimaced. "Don't call me that." She snapped. I chuckled. "Alrighty." "It's just Chiron, Mizu." Chiron replied welcomingly. No matter how bad the situation, that guy manages to keep his head and his cool. "Of course... Chiron." Chiron sighed at my sarcasm.
"It's just Grover as well." "And I'm Rachel." Grover and Rachel piped. I nodded. "Good to know." Thalia grunted and gripped her bow an arrow tightly. "Alright Mr. Talk, let's get down to business." She demanded. I nodded yet again. "You all want information on Perseus Jackson correct?" They all nodded slowly.
"Okay, I'll give you information on Percy Jackson if you do something for me in return. And you have to swear on Styx that you'll do it." I confirmed, remembering how Hades told me to make sure people swear on Styx before you make a deal. If you didn't do that, you could end up doing your half of the deal, and the other person could find a loophole and not do their half.
Rachael twitched slightly. "Do you swear on Styx to complete the task I've asked of you?" I ask cautiously. Grover sighed.
"I, Grover Underwood, swear on the river of Styx do complete whatever task Mizu bestows upon me." Grover swore and thunder boomed in the background, sealing his oath.
The others did the same.
"Great," I remarked, clasping my hands together in pleasure. "In a recent dream I had, an old friend appeared and asked me to complete the following tasks if we are to have a chance to win the upcoming war."
Rachel nodded slowly. "How would you know about that?" She questions. I sigh. "You'll find out in a moment.  But anyways step one,  your new Avengers help in the  war. Step two, Get passed seek the gods help. Step three, have the two camps fight together. Step four, have the gods to your aid. Then we'll will have a chance at winning the war." I summed up, quoting Annabeth mainly.
Rachel hummed in thought. "That could work. We'd have the Avengers, the Romans and us Greeks, possibly plus the gods to help us in the war. That'll give us the upper hand depending on who our enemy is." Rachel thinks allowed.
Thalia huffs in annoyance. "Alright Superhero Dude, we'll fulfill the task, now for the info on my KelpHead of a cousin." She demanded. I chuckled. "Percy Jackson is still alive," I held Riptide in my hand. "He's closer then you think." Grover gasped suddenly. He looked at me closer, I kept my gaze on the ground, a grin on my lips.
"In fact, he's right in front of you." I pulled down my hood and the four in front of me gasped. "Percy," Chiron whispered in utter shock.
"Oh my gods..." Thalia murmured. Rachel smirked with her arms crossed. "I already knew."

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