Chapter 19

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(Back to the past with Azar and Shi, Azar's POV)
Shi and I arrived at camp. It was nice I guess. This girl named Annabeth, daughter of Athena, ended giving me a tour of camp and it was pretty amazhang. "And this is your cabin where you'll be staying." Annabeth said. "Thank you Annabeth."
I stated. She smiled. "No problem. One minute. I happen to know one of your half-siblings." Annabeth noted. Annabeth opened the door to the cabin. A guy in a full body cast sat on a bed. "Uh?" I questioned.
Annabeth gave me a reassuring smile. "Azar, this is Jake Mason, your half-brother, Jake this is Azar Adena, your half-sister." Annabeth introduced us. I waved.
He managed what seemed to be a painful nod. "Hi, welcome to cabin, 9, the Hephaestus cabin. I'm Jake, the cabin leader. Let me assign you a bed then call up Natalie to give you a tour of the cabin."
Jake stated. I nodded. I briefly wondered how Shi was. "I best be going. I hope you settle in well Azar." Annabeth said politely.
I smiled. "I think I will. Thanks again for everything." I added.
"Don't mention it. Anytime." Annabeth smiled and left the cabin. Jake pressed a button on the wall beside his bed and a bed popped up.
"Whoa! Awesome!" I exclaimed. Jake chuckled. "We all have a little hidden bunker with our beds Azar. Just go sit down on bed 3, and press that button." Jake said.
I followed his instructions and sat down on the bed. I pressed the button on the side of the bed and it started to shake making me jump.
The bed went below into a secret passed and into a bunker. "Sweet!" I said hopping off the bed.
I found a trunk and ran over to it. It had a fresh pair of clothes. An orange
t-shirt that read, "Camp Half-Blood", a pair of pants, sneakers and a sweater. I smiled and quickly got changed.
I found a hair brush and took out my braid.
I brushed it quickly before re-braiding it.
I smiled yet again and hopped back on the bed. I pressed the button again and it brought me to the surface. "Your back. That was fast." I heard Jake say. I grinned sheepishly.
"What can I say? I'm excited." I said with a side squeal. Jake chuckled. "Azar, this is Natalie, our other half-sibling." Jake introduced me to her .
"I'm Natalie Parker." The girl says.
She had straight hair and a bandana. Her eyes were a crystal blue, sparkling with knowledge and excitement. "It's nice to meet you."
I said happily. "Right back at you. Welcome to camp, I hope you consider it home like us." Natalie states. "I think I already have."
I joke. "Well, let's show you to the forge where there's more of us. Come on." Natalie said and beckoned me to follow her.
🔲🔳🔲🔳 TIME SKIP 🔲🔳🔲🔳
It was time for dinner. I met up with Shi, but she was busy talking to some brown skinned girl who had frizzy brown hair and hazelnut eyes, along with a boy who was dressed in black, with an avatar jacket.
He had obsidian colored eyes and shaggy black hair.
I smiled that Shi had made friends and decided to go off on my own. I walked through the sea of people, making my way over to the food table.
There was a huge bomb fire in the center of crowd. I was overwhelmed by all of this. I spotted Percy, Annabeth, Grover and Thalia chatting.
I bumped into someone. "Ugh." I groaned.
"I'm so sorry are you ok?" A voice asked. It belonged to a boy. "I-I'm fine." I managed.
I pushed myself up to my feet and brushed off my pants. He got up to. "Whoa..." We both breathed.
The boy shook his head, snapping back into reality.
He held out his hand. "I'm Connor Stroll, son of Hermes. Are you new here?" He asked, with a spark of joy in his chestnut brown eyes.
I brushed a stray piece of my brown bangs that had fallen out of my braid out of my eyes.
"Yeah. Got here this morning actually. I'm Azar Adena, daughter of Hephaestus." I introduce myself. He smiles, and I return an identical one. "Connor! Dude where are you?" A voice calls out.
Connor curses under his breath. "I'm sorry that's my annoying brother Travis." He apollogized. "Don't sweat it." I reassured him.
He laughed.
"Your funny." He admired. "I try." I joked. The boy whom I guess was Travis appeared beside Connor, holding hands with a girl.
"Ooh... Hey Cons, who's your girlfriend?" Travis asked. I blushed and Connor did too.
"She's not my girlfriend. Her name's Azar Adena and she's new here." Connor explained, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.
"Oh, nice to meet you Azar, names Travis." Travis holds out his hand and I shake it. "I'm Katie, his girlfriend." Katie says, and I shake her hand too. "Come on Connor, we have places to be. Remember?"
Travis asks, pointing to his head. "Places to be, people to prank." Connor mumbles under his breath. "I'll see you around right Azar?" Connor asks. "Defiantly." I reassure him.
He smiles.
"See you around." Then he, Travis and Katie disappear in the crowd. I sighed. I walked around some more, not feelings hungry. Just numb.
Connor was really sweet. And kind of cute.
I got so lost in my thoughts that I smacked right into a tree. "Ow. Stupid." I muttered and got to my feet.
"Hey are you ok?" A girl's voice asks. I lift my head to see a pair of blue eyes. She has black hair.
"I'm fine." I reply and stand up. "I'm Jade Kendrick." She introduces herself. "Azar Adena." I say for like the fortieth time today.
She smiles. "Azar Adean, fire, little fire." She translates. I smirk. "That's my name don't wear it out."
She laughs.
"I'm a daughter of Hecate by the way." Sh states.
"Hephaestus." I reply. "I figured that." Jade remarks playfully. "You want go and get something to eat?" Jade asks. "Sure."
I agree. "I can introduce you to my friend Allegra Harmony, daughter of Apollo, she likes to be called Ally." Jade states as we fill our plates with food. I have two hotdogs, some fries with ketchup, some chips and dill pickles.
We then walk over to the fire towards a girl with frizzy red hair with bright and intense grey eyes.
"Hey Ally."
Ally looked up and smiled. "Hey Jade. Who's your friend?" She asks, jerking her chin at me. "Ally, this is Azar Adena. Azar as I've mentioned before this is Allegra Harmony or Ally."
I smile at Ally and she smiles at me. "Take a seat Azar. You too Jade."
Ally states. Jade and I take a seat. We all start talking.
"So, Azar, what's your backstory?" Ally asks, then plopping a fry in her mouth. I give them a brief summary of my life. I tell them about Kumar and Briar, my mom, meeting Shi, and finding myself here.
"Wow, rocky path." Jade admits. "What's your backstory Jade?" I asks.
"Well... I grew up with my dad and when he died when I was 4. In 5 years I managed to get kicked out of 7 foster homes. I've had a considerably tough life and I had nowhere left to turn and no one to turn to. I were finally sent to a behavior camp but little did I know that this camp was not for kids with behavioural issues. Turns out the camp was pretty cool, until I saw that the activities director was half horse. WHICH MADE IT EVEN COOLER!!! Then I was told all about Greek gods and how one of them was my parent. I was totally freaked out. I knew that my Greek parent was my mom as I have never seen her and then, out of nowhere, a symbol hovered above my head stating that my mom was Hecate. Ever since the camp has been my home."
Jade sums up. I whistle. "Impressive." I admit. "Now Ally, spill." I demand making her laugh.
"I have been to one orphanage after the other. I finally decide that I'm are tired of sharing a room with a bunch of other girls you don't know. I want to visit the libraries, the monuments, and all of the other amazing places you have heard and read about. I want to play music and make people happy by my music. I may be a daughter of Apollo but Athena's pretty cool. I wanted my freedom. I planned an escape and execute it flawlessly. Finally, as far away from the orphanage as I can get I find a library in the city. I went everyday and read and study. One particular day as I was reading, I look up to notice that the library is engulfed in flames. Why didn't any pull the fire alarm? I think and I try to find a way out, but every exit is blocked by the red and orange flames. I sit down and prepare to burn to death. Just when I think my time is up a boy walks through the flames and swoops me up into his arms. He wraps me in an army style jacket and carries me out through the fire. The worse that happens, I have mild burns on my legs and my hair is slightly singed.
"I expected to be given away to a paramedic the second he got me out, but that isn't the case. He just keeps walking. Further and further away to a bus stop, where I climb on and ride until the city disappears behind me. I doze off on the boy's shoulder and when I wake up, I'm being carried through a forest. I get nervous and pass out from exhaustion.
When I wake up for the final time from the journey I was laying on a cot, and across from me is the boy that saved me. The boy that brought me here. He has fire in his hands, but I didn't mind seeming I had other things to worry about. I can sense that there are stranger things that I'll will discover throughout the day. Eventually, I come to find out that I'm at a place called Camp Half-Blood and I'm are here for a reason. Apparently I'm only half mortal and your other half? Greek god. Apollo to be exact.
I was acquainted with everybody and make new friends. I manage settle into your cabin and discover that I actually have siblings, and this overwhelms me with joy. I make friends with this girl named Piper. She's a daughter of Aphrodite. She shows me around and I meet Jade. We instantly hit it off and become great friends."
Jade blushes at this.
"The boy who saved me happens to Charles Beckendorf-" "My half-brother," I breath. Ally nods. "Before I know it, Beckendorf and Jade become my most trusted friends at camp. Along with this sweet girl named Silena. Right alongside Percy and Annabeth, Frank and Hazel, Piper and Jason." Ally finishes.
"Wow." I breath. Ally nods. I smile and Ally nods. "Ok children, curfew!" A voice booms around.
"Who's that?" I ask. "That's Chiron, camp director. You'll meet him tomorrow at training." Jade says, standing up. "Training? For what?" I ask.
"Possible war." Jade replies. Ok guys. Let's hit the sack." Ally states. I agree and it's lights out.

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