chapter 9

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(Tony's POV)
I looked at the bag with the kid in it.. "hey dont you guys think he is being a little bit to still?" i asked and the rest of the avengers looked at the bag. Bruse and Clint went over to the bag as i opened it. the kid was laying still! Bruse checked him"he's unconscious. how in the world did become unconscious?" he asked they all looked at me. "hey i didnt do anything!" i said we got to stark towers where Fury was at the moment and Bruse found out what made Percy unconscious. " so he passed out from exhaustion." he said "so the kid was very tired? had he been sleeping?" Clint asked. "afraid so" Bruse answered back. i looked at the kid. 'why would he not be sleeping? its not like he stays up at night being superman.' i thought. "well i see you apprehended Jackson." we heard Fury say. "yeah... its weird that he didnt fight back.. shouldnt a kid his age be fighting or anyone for that matter be fighting back?" Natasha asked. we put him in a room with cameras and such and with a bed. i know most placed dont have beds when they kidnap someone... ok tony getting off track. i look back to the group"what no smart remarks tony?" Natasha asked "wait what?" i asked i forgot they were talking.. "ok he is no help" she said "we should probably question him once he wakes" Steve said
*Percy's POV*
I awoke in a white room... why is it always a white room when I get kidnapped? I sat up And saw there was a few cameras in corners of my room. 'well thats just great.' I thought. I stood and started to pace sense my ADHD is going crazy. A man came in. "Hi, my name is Tony Stark and I would like you to answer some of my questions" he said.
"Um, sure." I replied uncertainly. "Ok say the first thing that comes to mind." he said "Sounds easy enough" I say.
"Ok Life?" "Death."
"Friends?" "Dead."
"Owl?" "Annabeth."
"Death?" "Nico."
"Uh thank you for cooperating" he said and left. a few minuets later another person comes in. "Hello im Natasha, could i ask you a few things?" he askef "sure" i said flatly. "ok, whats your age?" she first asked "18" i said "who are your parents?" "Sally Jackson and Paul Blofis" i said 'sorry dad' i thought. i yawned a bit. "you seem tired. get some sleep and we will continue this when you wake" she said and left. i walked to the bed and fell asleep.
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