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Hey guys Dusk here! Just letting you guys know it's Wonder's b-day! I am doing this in return for what she did for me during my birthday but guys thank you for all the support you have been giving this story and I know that it's been long periods of time between the updates. That's mostly me being slow in thinking so thank you for putting up with me and the notes that are not chapters, I know that this is the most used excuse ever in the history of updating excuses but there had been so much school work and with finals I haven't gotten around to thinking about the story. The next chapter will be going out soon (I hope) soooo yea. Again thank you for your support and lots of voting, and that reminds me i haven't been on wattpad in a few days and I came back to about 242 nonfictions! most of them were voting for the chapters and I was really happy. so Thanks again and Happy birthday Wonder!!! SAYONARA!!!!

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