Chapter 24

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A/N: Please excuse the long waits and if we get some of the character's personality mixed up. We're trying our best so please don't hate. If we have a mistake please politely comment and point it out and we'll try to fix it ASAP. Thank you for sticking with us through all of the long waits, here's chapter 24!

~•~•~ Chapter 24 ~•~•~
(Percy's POV)

Everyone had different emotions across their faces. Chiron looked like he was going to faint. I couldn't read Grover's face expression...I couldn't even tell what he was thinking threw our empathy link.

Thalia just stood there with a blank expression on her face. Although her electric blue eyes looked as if she wanted to murmur me.

"You idiot!" Thalia screamed and slapped me across the face. The slap stung but I didn't show any emotion, knowing that I had 100% deserved it.

"I...ugh...! I need to punch something right now!" She growled, her attitude reminding me of Natasha. "Uh, anything but me please!" Grover squeaked. Thalia glared at him then glanced at me.

"Oh gods...maybe I slapped you to hard." She murmured, glancing at my cheek. I shrugged blankly and then forced a grin.

"I probably deserved it Pinecone Face. No worries." I reassured her but Thalia didn't look convinced. "I'm fine really." I stated again. "Percy my boy, I thought you had cut all ties with the gods... What are you doing here and with the Avengers?"

Chiron questioned curiously. I chewed the inside of my lip and played with my fingers, avoiding Chiron's gaze.

"It's sort of complicated actually. Let's just say that they considered me a threat, kidnapped me and then I ended up joining their team. I brought them here to help out in the upcoming war." I didn't catch Rachel's frantic gestures for don't say anything about that until I had finished had speaking.

Rachel then shook her head and faced palmed. "Wait...upcoming war?" Thalia mused suspiciously with a hint of worry laced in between her words. All eyes turned to me and Rachel. Rachel sighed, winning the attention to my relief.

"Yes...war. I had gotten a prophecy from Delphi one day in my cave. I IM'd Percy and informed him of everything that needed to be done before the war if we had a chance of winning."

Rachel admitted sheepishly. "War..." Chiron murmured, sounding upset. "I thought we were done with those for now."

He exhaled deeply in exhaustion, and annoyance. Poor guy...he just wants a break. I thought to myself, feeling bad for my age-old teacher. "We'll get through it Chiron. Especially if we can get the Avengers to help out,"

Grover interjected with determination. "That's why you returned...right Percy? With the Avengers?" He beamed. I regained the attention and shifted awkwardly on my feet. "That was the plan. They agreed to help but I don't know if the campers will accept it."

I mumbled. Chiron pursed his lips together in thought. "If I tell them it's safe and that I agree to this...then they'll accept it."

I nodded my head at Chiron's words. "Rachel..." Thalia spoke up. "What was the prophecy, if you can remember."

Thalia questioned quizzically. Rachel sighed and closed her eyes. "Catch you're breath, you're falling fast, chat with Death you're not the last. Night will rise, light will fall and the child of the sea god will save us all." Rachel exhaled deeply and reopened her eyes.

"Death, Night and Light..." Thalia murmured in thought. Chiron's eyes widened. "Oh dear gods, please fates let me be wrong." Chiron exclaimed frantically. We all look at him. "Wrong about what?"

Grover perplexed curiously. Chiron but his lip. "Death probably means either Hades or Thanatos, Night defiantly means Nyx and light only leads to Apollo. The prophecy involves all three of those gods. But why?"

Chiron questioned. "Thanatos..." I mumbled to myself. The last time I had saw him was when Hazel, Frank and I traveled to Alaska and he almost returned Hazel to the land of the dead.

"What would Thanatos have anything to do with Nyx?" I questioned allowed. "I think Hades is more likely..." Thalia nodded slowly.

"I think Percy's right. And Percy is obviously the sea god's child, meaning child of Poseidon and unless the prophecy means Tyson, the prophecy and most likely future quest will include Percy." Thalia stated logically. I sighed.

"Fantastic...even after defeating Earth herself I still don't get a break! I lost my girlfriend...and other great friends because of these stupid prophecies. Don't the fates ever have mercy!"

I yelled loudly. "Shush, Percy you'll wake up the whole camp." Chiron scolded me but then everyone seemed to be looking at me with sadness. "It's late guys...and I'm tired. I think I'm going to sleep." I grumbled, not in the mood to talk to anyone at the moment.

"Get some rest Percy...or Mizu I guess. You'll need it." Chiron said gently. I nodded. "Oh! Speaking of which, why did you choose Mizu to be your name?" Rachel asked. I shrugged. "Mizu means water in Japanese.

My Mom knows a little Japanese and use to sing songs it it. I guess my brain picked up on it and I chose to be Mizu." I answered truthfully and Rachel nodded.

"Whelp, night guys. Let's hope things work out tomorrow." I bided each of them a goodnight before slipping off towards Camp, and away from Zeus's fist.

I made my way towards the Avengers cabin which was made ahead of time by Hephaestus. He's a cool God. "Ooph!" I groaned when I smacked head first into someone.

I grunted as I landed on the ground and I heard a thud in front of me. I shook my head and forced myself back up to my feet.

"I'm sorry about that. Are you okay?" I asked as my vision cleared. A girl with chestnut brown hair sat on the ground before me. It was elegantly twisted over her left shoulder. She had vibrant forest green eyes and  deep tan skin.

She couldn't of been older then fourteen or fifteen. "It's fine...that happens to me a lot."

The girl remarked and I offered her a hand up. She smiled and accepted it. I pulled her to her feet and we momentarily locked eyes. "You haven't been here long...have you?" I questioned her. The girl shifted on her feet. "Is it that obvious?" She exclaimed.

"Oh! I mean, I just don't remember seeing you around here before." I stammered stupidly. The girl laughed. "It's fine. Hey, aren't you with the Avengers?" She chirped excitedly.

"Uh yeah. Latest audition." I joked and she blushed. "Cool. I'm Azar Adena, newly claimed daughter of Hephaestus." She introduced herself.

Then my memory popped. She had been the girl with the daughter of Hades of whom I had helped crossed the camp boarders!

Duh. Why didn't I see it before? I mentally face-palmed myself. "I'm uh, Mizu." I replied. She smiled. "Nice to meet you. I've gotta get going. It was great meeting you though." Azar remarked brightly.

I grinned but made sure that my cloak was covering my face. "It was nice seeing you too Azar. Bye." We both said goodbye and went our separate ways.

I smiled and for the first time since Annabeth's death...felt kind of happy. Azar seemed like a cool friend to have around. I sighed and continued my way to the Avengers cabin where I then crashed onto my bed and fell asleep.

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