I have been tagged.

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Okay. So Wonder tagged me. Great. Also this will serve as an author's note to tell you guys things.. Alright to the tag thingy.

1) Favorite Song?
I have a lot but my number one would be Heathens by Twenty One Pilots.

2) Favorite Band?
Icon for Hire

3)Favorite Book?
I guess it would have to be The Soulkeepers by G.P. Ching. I absolutely love the book

4) Biggest Fictional Crush?
Alright, I would say I had the biggest crush on the PowerPuff Girls Z version of Boomer.

5) Favorite Anime/Cartoon?
Right now it would be either Steven Universe or Invader Zim.

6) Favorite Color?
Midnight Blue.

7) Favorite Musical?
I never watched musicals. I guess it would be Legally Blond the Musical. Its the only musical I every watched other than High School Musical.

8)Shoe size?
No idea.

9) Favorite School Subject?
It would be art but I don't like the teacher that teaches it. That's my most liked subject.

10)Role Play: You get a new book and read it over the weekend.
*Read the book over the weekend and now I'm falling in the fandom of said book*
That's what it would be like.

Okay now to the note part. I am going to try out a new thing. I am going to try to update some time on Saturdays or Sunday when I have time. I also might be putting up more stories. I will try to stick to the new plan but I might not be able to keep up because of school. Thanks for reading and keeping up with my slow updates.

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