Chapter 13:

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(Percy's POV)

We walked to the kitchen and mom made food. Well blue food. We ate and talked for a bit till i thought it was time to tell her about the avengers.
"Hey mom. I have to tell you something." I said.
"Well you can tell me anything." She said I took a deep breath in hoping she won't go hunt them down.
"The avengers kidnapped me, and they wanted me to become one. Should I join mom?" I ask she looked thoughtful.
Is she planing something?
"Well, I think its your choice Percy. This can keep your mind off of everything at camp." She said putting an arm around my shoulders. I looked at my hands, and I smiled.
"I think I'll join." "That's great hun! but one question. are you going to show your face in public? I mean with the people at camp and your dad."
She asked I thought about that.
I would I keep my identity a secret? secret identity? yea lets go with that. but what would my name be? I was thinking.
"Mom can you help me think of a name for my secret identity? I don't know what to call myself." I asked she started to think.
She hummed in thought.
"How about Mizu? It's means water in Japanese!" she said all happy.
I smiled. "That's a great name mom. thanks."
I said and hugged her. "You're welcome Percy." She said my watch thing started to beep. I tapped it and Tony's face came on the screen. "Hey Percy! Fury is gonna blow a vain if you don't come back soon. Just letting you know. I'll pick you up in about an hour. see you there" Tony said and disconnected I sighed
"I'll have to leave soon. but thanks mom for being there." I said hugging her again. "I'm always here Percy. just call if you need someone to talk to. Also I'm getting a feeling that you were expecting me to go hunt down the Avengers.... were you expexting that?" She asked with an amused smile I looked away
"What gave you that idea? hehe." I ask scraching the back of my head we both laughed and we talked the rest of the time. Sometime when we were talking I fell asleep. that can't be good

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