Chapter 8:

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(Fury's POV)
I looked at the file in front of me. I sighed and opened it. 'Perseus Jackson' my eyes widen as I read the file. This kid could stay off the grid for years! He was twelve when he was listed as a terrorist and in the top five wanted list.
'blew up a school bus. blew up a music room'
This kid sounds like Stark. We need to subdue him. so I called the avengers. everyone came in slowly Stark came last.
"So, whats up?" He said and sat in his seat. "Well stark we need to subdue this boy."
I said handing them the file. "This boy is only 18!" Steve said. "Yes and he is a terrorist and in the top five wanted list." I said. "I like this kid!"
Stark said we all stared at him. "Tony shut up" Natasha said hitting him in the head. "What?!" He whined they all started, studying the file. "I want you guys to track him and subdue him." I said.
"He is just a kid!" Steve said "lets just get this over with this" Natasha said and got up. my work phone beeped. "looks like we have his where abouts." i said and told them where he was and they went. i only hope they dont mess this up.
*Percy's POV*
It was morning and I was on my way to school. Yes you heard me right, school. I figured it would keep my mind off of things. I had told my mom that i was not going to go back to camp and wait for things to cool off. Thankfully, she understood.
School was a few blocks away. Something went over my head and I couldn't see. I was being kidnapped. Just great, this is just what I need. "We have the boy, let's get back and ask Fury what he wants to do next." I heard a male voice say.
Hump, I haven't had good relationships with furies. This is not good. I could feel the back as they threw it onto something hard. I know what your thinking, "Hello Seaweed Brain or Kelp Head, your being kidnapped, fight back!"
But I knew otherwise, something told me to stay put. I heard an engine roar to life. I realized that I was in a car of some sort. Before I could figure anything else out it all went black.

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