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Third person pov

Percy was walking through the camp when Grover came up. "Mizu we are playing capture the flag. Wanna play with us?" he asked. Percy thought for a bit. "Sure why not. I get to beat up some campers." He said with a smile. Grover smiled. "Great! Lets go figure out teams!" They moved to the big house and waited for everyone to come. Everyone came and they figured out teams. Avengers, Campers, and the Hunters whom dicided to join. The avengers were blue, Campers were orange and the Hunters were Green. Everyone went to their positions after thing of a plan. The horn sounded and everyone was off.

Percy went to go attack some campers but he ended up in a green and purple portal. He didn't have time to douge so he went in head first. He suddenly felt weightless. He looked around and found that he was in a place with doors floating and pieces of ground floating. The sky or what seemed to be the sky was purple. He saw what seemed to be a man made portal and floated up to it well... after he figured out how to move. The man made portal opened, like it sensed his presene. He floated through the two doors and his feet found its way on to solid ground. This seemed very weird to Percy. He looked around. The room looks like a lab. There was guns and different weponds everywhere. Green goop in corners of the room.

He heard footsteps coming from the stairs that were across the room. They sounded like teenager footsteps. They were talking a little differently then my people. That could mean that Percy was in a different demention and time. He moved into the shadows so he can watch the new people. If they were people. They came down the stairs and Percy saw them. Three teens. The black haired boy went over to the portal and sent something in it. It looked like an octopus but it was green. "Danny that was the last one right?" The girl asked. The boy now Identified as Danny nodded. They looked like they sort of knew how to fight. But they seemed like they could help.

"Hello." Percy said suddenly. They all jumped in surprise and went in attack mode. "I mean no harm to you. I just need help" Percy walked out of the shadows. "Who are you?" Danny said. "I am called Mizu. I came from that portal there. I stumbled apon another portal and fell in when me and my friends were playing a game. I was hoping you could tell me where I am and what year it is." Percy explained. The others looked at eachother. They seemed to trust me a bit. "Its 20XX And you are in Amity Park." the bennie wearing boy said, Percy hated to think he could possibly never get back to his home. He was in a different demenstion and time. "you three seem to have knowledge of this place. Could you tell me how I could get back to my demention?" The three looked at eachother. "We have one thought." The black haired girl said.

"Your not going to attack us right?" The Bennie wearing teen asked. I shook my head. "At least let us see your face." The girl said. Percy had totally forgotten he had his mask on. He didn't think that he would see these teens again so he took his mask off. "Sorry, I had totally forgotten I had this on" The teens had their eye conversation again. "Come with us, We can take you to Clockwork. He could help you with this." Danny said. "Wait before we leave can I at least know your names?" Percy asked. "I'm Sam, That's Tucker(Points at bennie boy) And that's Danny(Points at Danny)" Sam introduced. Percy then followed the teens into a ship thingy. "Sit there we will be there in a few." Danny said pointing at a chair. Percy sat there and they were off. They entered the weird world again. "What is this place?" Percy asked.

"This is called the Ghost Zone. This is where all the ghosts live." Tucker explained.' So this basicly the underworld for this world.' Percy thought. They were floating along when they came to this ice land. "We need to take a stop to get the map to where we are going. Danny is going to get it." Sam explained. I nodded. Danny left the sip thingy and later cam back with the map. "Lets go" he said. They drove to this Clocktower."This is where the Ghost Clockwork lives he will be able to help you"Tucker said. "Cool" Percy muttered and followed the three in. They came to this room where there were screens and clocks. There was this ghost that changed bodies from a child, to an adult to an old person. "Ah Mizu I knew you and these three were coming." Clockwork said. Percy looked to Danny. He shrugged. Percy then turned to Clockwork.

"Come you were not supost to come here. Lets get you home now. Thank you Danny, Sam and Tucker for bring him here" Clockwork said. Percy turned to the three. "Thank you for helping me." Percy said and turned to Clockwork. "Just walk through this portal and you will be back to your world in the same spot and time as if you never left" Clockwork said. Percy nodded to him and walked through. He landed in the woods where he had been picked up. "Well that was weird." He muttered and continued with the game.

Hey guys it's Dusk here. I made this because it's been a while and you guys are most likely mad at me. I have writers block so it's gonna be a while for me to actually write something for the story. Wonder might continue it so you guys would get something. I'm not sure, So here is a little thing for you guys and it is not apart of the story just a little side story that does not affect the real one. Also sorry for spelling the site is being irritating and it is not letting see what is misspelled or such and I suck at proof reading. I also suck at third person so sorry for that. Alright have a nice day,night,morning, afternoon or whatever.

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