chapter 2

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Percy's pov

Blackness circled me. Voices echoing around me. I recognized some of them. Will Solace "He has slipped into a coma and I don't know if he'll make it..." His voice trailed off. I felt someone grip my hand. "Please don't leave me Percy. Say, if u can hear me squeeze my hand." I tryed but I was to tired. "Kelp head if you don't get up right now I'm gonna kill u myself." Thalia said sarcastically, while sniffling. "Please don't leave me, your all I have left..." I wanted to tell the that I was alright that they should stop worrying but i was just couldnt. I was slowly slipping away.. I saw this light to my side and the Fates came in to my mindscape. I bowed and said "Lady Fates.." "rise Percy Jackson.. we have plans for you so you cant die just yet." the said together. I was a little creeped out by this. The Fates were always hard to figure out. "what do you mean?" I asked "we are making you immortal Percy" they bluntly stated My eyes widen and I stared at them. they started doing the ritual, O felt pain worse that when i went a dip in the River of Styx (however you spell it). I almost screamed out but my voice was stuck in my throat. They stopped chanting and i fell asleep in my own mind....

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