Chapter 17

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Hey guys! as you know from Wonder, we are putting ourselves in the story. don't worry about it changing to about our adventures... we are going to be side people, sometimes helping fights and with things in the future. We are also going to have chapters in this that are aside from the main story or while its happening.... somewhere around that, Like this one! this is going to be in my point of view. Oh and My name for the story is Shi no Kyandi. Shi is her first name and no Kyandi is her last. Pronounce Kyandi like candy for those who don't know how to pronounce it. Wonder's name for the story is Azar Adena, and even I dont know how to pronounce that so ask her. So yeah.... On to the story or side story whatever you want to call it.


ITS IN THE PAST!!! just letting you guys know cuz Wonder didn't when she read it...

Shi's pov

I walked with my cousin Azar through the near by park's woods. "So Azar, how is school? any one I need to hurt?" I asked as I jumped over a root. "Its fine and no there is no one that you need to hurt" she said with a smile her brown hair that she keeps in a braid swinging behind her. "well, then what do you want to talk about?" I asked and looked up at the sky.

"we could talk about the new book we got from the store" she said sticking her hands in her green army jacket. "yea we could always talk about that... So how do you like the main person... whats his name? Al-" I was cut off by the earth shaking. I quickly braced Azar in case a tree fell because of the rumbling. "We should get back to the clearing" Azar said but when we looked up, we saw a huge mammal charging at us. we dodged and looked at the thing. "What the heck?!? What is that thing?!?!" I asked "That can't be possible! that thing looks just like the Minator (don't know if spelled right) from Greek Mythology!" she said "That can't be right!" I said and we started to run, 'first thing, keep Azar safe.' I thought.

"How do we kill it?" I said and saw it was almost on us. I pushed Azar out of the way and I tried to move in time. Azar pulled me with her when she fell to the ground. I heard more footsteps coming and I pulled Azar up and we were moving. The Bull thing that might be the Minator crashed into a few trees. I looked around and I saw a few people that might be older than me run up to us. "This way! we will help you!" a curly haired boy yelled to us and we ran to them. I saw they had weapons, Bows and arrows, swords and knifes. They started to attack the being and the curly haired boy tried to led us to safety.

I looked back and I saw that they were losing the fight. "are you sure that they are going to be alright?" I asked my blackish eyes filling with worry. "They will be fine. I need to get you guys to camp." he said I could sense the worry in this voice. I saw one of the people fighting fall unconscious. "Stay with the boy Azar. I will be right back" I said and ran off to fight. I grabbed the knife the female was holding and I quickly attacked the back of the being. Another fell that had a bow and arrows. I jumped onto the back of the being and started to stab it.

Just then an arrow flew into the neck of the beast. I saw it was almost down and so I stabbed it where the arrow was, suddenly the beast turned to gold dust and I fell to the ground. I looked up to see Azar with the bow that the other female that fell had. "Azar! are you alright? I see that the lessons paid off" I said and got up. I looked to the two females that fell unconscious and walked to them. I helped pick them up and set them some where better than where they were at. "who are you guys?" Azar asked "The name is Percy Jackson, this is Grover, Annabeth, and Thalia." Percy said "so what was that being? it can't be the Minator right?" I asked "sorry but that was the Minator. now if you know the Minator then you know Greek Mythology with the gods and such." Percy said We nodded. "well you two are the spawn of one of the gods" he said Just then, I felt something over my head. I looked up and I saw this black skull. (we don't know what his claim looks like) I looked to Azar and she has a fiery hammer over her head. "ok what just happened?" I asked. Percy's and Grover's eyes went wide. "You two are the daughters of Hephaestus and Hades." Grover said


Well that was a good place to stop! I hoped you liked it... I spent most of my night working on it.. its about 1:50 am right now as I write this! well its not going to be 1:50 am when you read this but comment if you liked the way we are going with this.. oh and if you didn't get what time area this was in, its in the past before the whole war and story. Next chapter is going to be the main story so don't worry. so Night! Morning! Good Afternoon! when ever you read this.. Bye!!!

Ps we'll write the next chapter together and then the chapter afterwards will be in Azar's POV

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