Chapter 10:

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(Natasha's POV)
I groaned as Tony and Bruce where making the worst jokes possible at the breakfast table.
Just then Percy walked in.
Everyone went silent. "How'd you get out of the room?" Tony broke the silence. Percy shrugged. "JARVIS." Was his answer.
"Hey Percy." Bruce said.
Percy smiled slightly.
"Hi." He replied.
"You hungry?" I asked him. He nodded his head. I patted a seat beside me for him. He sat down.
"What would you like?"
Tony asked.
"What do you have?" Percy replied. "Anything." Bruce answered.
"Do you guys have pancakes?" Percy asked hopefully.
"Of course we do, how many do you want?"
Tony asked.
"Ah, two please." Percy answered.. To say that I was shocked was an understatement.
This kid was really polite and wasn't going crazy for the fact that he was hanging out with the Avengers.
A few minutes later pancakes were made and we all ate them. For some reason, Percy put blue dye in his.
"Why did you do that?" I questioned. He blushed.
"Force of habit. It's a thing that my mom and I did."
He answered.
I nodded my head and went back to eating my pancakes.
We all finished eating.
"So um, Perce, Fury wants to know about your past. Do you mind telling us?"
Bruce asked.
Percy went silent for a moment as if lost in thought before he slowly nodded his head yes.
"Great, how about this afternoon you tell us and this evening we go to a night club or something like that." Bruce said.
"Or we can rent a movie." I suggested. "I don't know, we'll just wait until the time comes."
Tony said.
"But until lunch, we can give you the full tour of 'Stark Tower!" Bruce said dramatically.
Percy smiled and nodded his head. "Ok, let's do this thing!" Tony cheered. "Hey guys we should one of those things in movies where epic music starts to play and be all like 'Ya were awesome!"'
Bruce exclaimed.
I shook my head and smacked his arm. He pretended to pout and I laughed. "Now for the tour!"
Tony said and led the way. *epic music starts to*
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