Chapter 16

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(Percy's POV)
Darkness caved around me. Voices whispering things I couldn't make out. But one voice in particular stood out. Her voice.
"Percy..." She said. I desperately looked around, trying to find her. "Percy, come quick. She wants revenge." "Annabeth?" I asked, my voice cracking. "Percy be ready." Annabeth whispered. I couldn't see her, but I could hear her. "Remember her? From the pit of death? She seeks revenge. She seeks power and the thirst for blood." I felt shivers go up my spine.
"Who's her Annabeth? Tell me who she is!" I demanded. Annabeth laughed, her voice bouncing off invisible was that trapped me in my dream.
"Prepare yourself. You must return to camp. You must help them fight. It it only a matter of time before she arrives." Annabeth warns me.
"A matter of time before what? Why do I have to go back to camp? Annabeth what's go on?" I yelled.
"You must find the answers on your own. A good friend of our can help you. She has a new prophecy, one even greater and more deadly then the last." Annabeth said.
"Another prophecy? That means another war!" I complained. Annabeth chuckled and she appeared in front of me.
"Annabeth..." I breathed. She smiled. "You must be waking soon, I must be going. Hades will know that I visited you in your dream. Ghost aren't allowed to do that." Annabeth stated. "You broke the rules? You, Annabeth Chase?"
I said, trying to lighten the mood. Annabeth laughed. "Yes Seaweed Brain. I know you can handle this. Have your new friends help you in the upcoming war. Get passed your emotions and seek the gods help. Have the two camps fight together and have the gods to your aid. Then you will have a chance at winning the war."
Annabeth remarked.
"That's a lot to ask for Wise Girl. With the gods being well... Gods they may not help us. Combing the two camps is easy. Convincing the Avengers to help out, should be ok. But the gods? Not so much." I retorted.
Annabeth sighed.
"I will guide you Percy, just try to that. Otherwise all hope is lost." Annabeth recalled. "Who's leading this was anyways? Who are we fighting?" I questioned.
"That I cannot say. I'm in enough trouble already. But you're waking up. I'll see you soon." Annabeth winked at me before fading away.
"Annabeth? Annabeth don't leave me! Annabeth!" I screamed. I was waking up. I peeled my eyes open revealing blinding daylight from the window beside my bed.
How long was I out for? I groaned and got up out of bed. "I will always be with you." Annabeth's voice rang in my head. "Remember to ask our friend." Annabeth said.
"Rachel?" I questioned. "Yes." Annabeth agreed. I rubbed my face then fished around in my pocket for a drachma. I thankfully found one. I summoned some water and tossed the drachma in.
"Oh Iris please show me Rachel Dare." I said. (Can you guys please help me out in what they actually say to talk to someone? Thanks!)
Rachel appeared. She was in her room, on her bed, combing her fizzy red hair with her blue plastic hairbrush. The same one she used to hit Kronos in the eye with back in the labyrinth.
"Hey Rachel!" I called out to her. She yelped, dropping her hair brush and whipped around to see me.
"Percy? Thank the gods if you! It's been so long! Everyone's worried! I know you cut contact from the gods but an call or Iris Message every now and then would be nice!"
Rachel scolded me. I laughed, a real laugh, for the first time in a while.
"What do you need Kelp-for-Brains?" She asked. I pursed my lips.
"There's another war coming. Is there a new prophecy?" I asked. Rachel nodded.
"It came to me yesterday and I told it to Chiron. We couldn't make out what it meant but here it is, 'Catch you're breath, you're falling fast, chat with Death you're not the last. Night will rise, light will fall and the child of the sea god will save us all."
I frowned, knowing once again I was the star of a prophecy! "Ok, I have some back up coming to help out in the war, but I'll be undercover. I have a codename. It's Mizu, only you can know who I am and maybe I'll tell Chiron, but swear on Styx that you won't tell anyone else about my identity!" I said.
Rachel nodded.
"I, Rachel Dare swear on Styx not to tell anyone Percy Jackson's identity unless he allows me too." Thunder rumbled in the background sealing the oath.
"I have to go now-" Before I could finish my sentence the door bursted open revealing Tony Stark.
Rachel's jaw dropped.
"Iron Man, or Tony Stark? Percy where in Hades are you?!?!" Rachel squealed. I grinned sheepishly.
"Sorry Rach, gotta go!" I said and cut the IM (Iris Message).
"Uh, that was awesome dude, and Fury wants us for training, then it's dinner and then we exchange stories." He announced.
I nidddd.
"Let's go- wait should I call you Mizu or Percy?" Tony asked. "Mizu, just so I get used to is." I replied.
"Ok then, let's go to the training room Mizu!"
And off we went!
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