Chapter 18

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A/N oh my gods guys, I'm extremely sorry for the really long wait! Dusk was having a writer's block so she told me to continue it. Also it's the last week of school for us so hopefully sense summer's coming there will be more updates. Once again I'm so sorry and now enjoy the chapter! Sorry about that last cliff hanger guys, nah, not really but enjoy!
Tony Stark- Iron-Man
Steve Rogers - Captain America
Natasha Romanova-Black Widow
Bruce Banner -Hulk
Thor- Thor (immortal)
Hawkeye- Clint Barton
(Back to current time in Percy's POV)
Training went well. I beat Natasha in sword fighting but she beat me one on one without weapons...
Tony started working on a costume for me which I thought was pretty cool. I tried hanging out with Bruce but it was hair werid.
He kept on cracking the lamest jokes ever, he kind of reminded me of Leo. Humph.
That thought made my mind drift back off to camp. How were they doing? Did they miss me? What if they had a big search party for me and I was here, all save and sound? Nah, they were fine. I new tonight I owed the team a backstory and I had to convince them to go to camp and help us fight whoever we're going to fight. I briefly recalled the prophecy,
Catch your breath, your falling fast, chat with death, your not the last. Night will rise, light will fall, the child of the sea God will safe is all.
I shivered and scowled. Here we go again, I'm the star of a prophecy again, and people are going to die because of me, again.
Has the camp been informed of the new prophecy? Or am I going to have to go there and be like, You know what guys? There's another war coming and this one's almost impossible just like our past ones. And you know all of our friends that died in the past wars right? Well, let's see how many die this time! Yahoo!
I shake my head. This is crazy. Can't I get a break? Apparently not. All I wanted was some time with my girlfriend, the most amazing person in the world, then I get Percy-napped, my memory gets whipped clean, I get it back, reunite with my girlfriend and fall into the most feared place.
When we're out, we go into war. So many people die, even my Wise Girl. So much for spending time with her. Ugh. My life sucks.
I wish I could have a normal life, settle down with Annabeth, have kids and not have to be fighting for my life everyday. I sigh.
"Stupid fates. Stupid gods," I grumble. Right now I'm in my room, sitting on my bed, starring at Riptide in my hand. Dinner was in a few minutes so I had some time to kill.
Thunder roared outside when I called the gods stupid. "Oh shut up Zeus. Stop being such a baby over it. You know it's the truth." I snap.
No more thunder.
"Perc-er, Mizu, time for dinner!" Natasha yells to me. "Coming!" I yell back. I sigh and cap Riptide up and slip it into my back pocket. I take a deep breath.
I head out of my room and manage to find the kitchen.
the kitchen's cool. When you first walk in you see a counter with 3 seats at it, behind the counter in the left corner is a fridge. Beside the fridge on the right side is the stove, oven and microwave. Lastly beside those things is a counter and above that is 6 cabinets full of cooking supplies and whatnot.
It's pretty nice. Then a few feet away against the wall is a fire place with a flat screen tv on top of it. Then there's a colorful rug with a coffee table that has a vase of red roses and a squishy couch. The walls are mainly glass so you can walk over to them and peer down at he whole city.
It's pretty sweet.
I meet up with the gang. Tony an Clint were arm wrestling on the coffee table while sitting on the couch.
I feel kind of weird because I'm 18 and they're all adults but age doesn't seem to matter to much to them.
Bruce is yelling, "Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!" While pounding his fist on the table.
He's in his human form of course. I haven't seen him in his Hulk form but I'm seriously dying to.
Natasha was making food, Steve was just scowling, leaning against the wall watching Clint and Tony shaking his head with his arms crossed.
Isn't he like, trapped in time or something? Like he was trapped in an iceberg and finally broke free? I'd have to introduce him to Nico... Wait. Ugh, I can't because he's dead.
Gahhh! To many dead people! It isn't fair. No one noticed me yet. "Uh, hey guys." I say making them jump except for Natasha and Steve. Natasha smiles and Steve waves.
I wave back.
"Hey Mizu." Tony exclaims. "Gahhh!" Tony screeches and Clint wins the fight. "I win!" Clint taunts with a smirk and sticks his tongue out at Tony. "No fair! I was saying hi to Mizu! Humph!" He pouts.
I snicker. "You guys act like a bunch of two year olds. It's time for dinner." Natasha grumbles. "Okay..." Tony and Clint moan in unison.
"Just like two year olds," Steve mimics. We all get our food which is grilled cheese and French fries. Sounds more like a lunch to me but I don't complain. I dye it blue and get some coke and dye that blue as well.
"Your weird kid," Steve admits. I shrug. "Thanks." I reply. "That wasn't a compliment," Natasha informs me. "I know." I answer.
"I like this kid." Tony states with a grin. Natasha rolls her eyes. "Your an idiot, a complete idiot." She mutters. We all sit down.
Tony, Clint and Bruce sat on the couch, I sit on the floor. Steve and Natasha sit at the counter. We dig in.
45 minutes later of laughing and choking on food we finish. "Ok Mizu. Backstory time." Tony says happily. "Yay! Story time!!!" Bruce shouts. "Yeah Mizu. Spill."
Natasha orders.
I take a deep breath and give a quick run down on my life, minus Smelly Gabe. I just skip to Paul saying my mom raised me on her own.
Which wasn't completely a lie.
I finish and they stare at me in shock as if I had just committed a murder. "Wow, my respect levels for this kid is far out." Tony draws. "Agreed." Clint says.
"Thanks kid. You are free to do as you please, Thor's coming back tomorrow from Asgard so you can meet him." Steve says.
I nod but then take this as a chance to ask them about camp.
"Guys, you know how I'm a demigod right?" They nodded.
"Well, the demigod camp, Camp
Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter are in trouble... Or they well be. We need your guy's help, there's a war coming that we can't fight alone. I will go, I have to, but I won't return as me, I'll be Mizu. I'll explain more once you guys agree to help."
I warned.
The group all shared glances among each other. They all turned to Steve, the obvious leader.
He nodded.
They all nodded back. Steve made eye contact with me.
"We're in."

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