Chapter 21

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Shi's POV
We arrived at camp... Wow this place is awesome! Percy showed me around and showed me a cabin. "This will be your cabin. You have a half-brother named Nico and a half-sister named Hazel. I think Nico is in the cabin and he could help you get settled" he said "Thanks man" I said and shook his hand. I walked in and saw a boy. he must be Nico..."Hey. You Nico?" I asked. "Yea. Why?" "I'm your new Half-Sister! Names Shi no Kyandi. call me Shi" i said with my hand out for a handshake. He shook my hand. "Nice to meet you.. I guess I should give you the camp stuff." he said. He walked over to a dresser type thing and pulled out an orange T-shirt.

He gave me the T-shirt and I just stared at it. "this is like Naruto's kill me orange jumpsuit!" I exclaimed. Nico just looked at me confused. "Anime...Don't you guys have anime here?" I asked. he slowly shook his head no. I gasped. "You guys have been living in the dark! I must show the camp the wonderful world of Anime!" I stated then I looked at Nico. "so where am I sleeping?" I asked taking a personality flip. He is just looking at me confused. Ok then. I looked around and saw that there was a bed without things on it. "I shall claim this bed then" I muttered and stuck the Kill me orange T-shirt on it with my stuff. "So lets get to know each other... I guess I will start. My name is Shi no Kyandi, Call me Shi. I like Anime, Azar, My friends, Drawing, writing stories and that jazz.  I hate when people hurt my friends and family, make fun of my friends and family and people. My dream is to be useful to my friends and family and protect them and become one of the best warriors there is. I have a short temper, and most people are afraid to anger me because i will attack. Also don't mess with Azar because i will attack too. Azar says i have a big sister complex some of the time. Now you go" I said.

Nico talked about himself. "Oh didn't Percy say we had a half-sister somewhere?" I asked. He nodded. "well lets go find her! I wanna meet all of my new family!" i said with a smile. Nico led the way as we went to go find our sister. We found a dark skinned girl with brown hair walking to somewhere. "Hazel! Come meet our new half-sister."Nico yelled to her. She stopped at looked to us. She smiled and ran over to us. "Hello! You must be Hazel! Im Shi no Kyandi, call me Shi" I said with my hand out. Hazel shook it. "Nice to meet you Shi." She said. We all started talking and we walked around.
I started to wonder about Azar.. did she make it to her cabin? Is she making friends? Is anyone hitting on her? I should check on her after dinner.

=======Time Skip====

Nico, Hazel and I were still talking during dinner. I looked out the corner of my eye and I saw Azar looking at me with a smile. She then left to her table. 'note to self: check on Azar' I thought. I continued to talk to my family. I learned that Nico had an older sister and she died in an explosion saving him and the rest of the people on the quest. I knew he would have gotten over her death so I didn't pity him. During dinner there was a huge bomb fire in the middle of the area and I loved the way the flames danced around... It felt like a heart beat. I looked over to see Azar talking to a boy, I could see her blush a little. 'oh? a crush? I'll have fun with this... I will have to keep an eye on this male.' I thought with a smile.

After dinner Hazel started to talk about the training that will occur during the time we spend here. I then asked about the threats and anything I needed to know. Hazel started to talk about quests, the lava wall, the monsters, the furies that came out at night to probably eat the demigods that are out of their cabins. She then told me about demigods not being able to use cell-phones and that jazz. I was sad, my phone has all my music on it and my reading books. I asked if I could start the training today sense I would get board. She said yes and she brought me to the training area. I never really bothered to learn the names of the places. She started to talk to this girl who was in black with a purple shirt. The girl had blue and black hair and she had a choker on. They turned to me.

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