Chapter 14:

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(Percy's POV)
When my eyes reopened I almost wish that they hadn't. I looked around me. I couldn't speak at the moment or move. What was going on you may ask? It's the common demigod dream.
Yippee. (Note my sarcasm)
I realized I was at Olympus.
"How is this possible?" Zeus yelled at Hades.
My dad looked sad.
"I-I don't know brother." Hades stuttered. What were they talking about?
"What has stirred in the pit is powerful, I know that. I just can't figure out what it is." Hades added.
"It couldn't be Kronos again, can it?" Athena asked. Hades shook his head. "I don't believe so."
He replied.
"Then what can it be?" Demeter questioned. "Gaea can't rise that fast." Hestia noted. "Perhaps, no, it's a silly thought."
My Dad said and shook it off. "What brother? No thoughts are silly at the moment."
Zeus asked. Dad pursed his lips. "Maybe Nike? You know, the goddess of victory. I'm surprised that she didn't help Gaea during the war." Dad said. "It could be."
Athena admired. "But Nike doesn't rise. Unless she has been killed which is nearly impossible sense she's a goddesses." Artemis protests.
"True at that. But did you notice the less monsters?" Hermes joins in. "What's wrong with less monsters? Isn't that a good thing?" Apollo asks. "Less monsters in the mortal world means that they are all getting together as a group as an army odds are." Aphrodite said earning a few gasps. "What?"
She huffed.
"I'm not just fashion smart." She defended herself. "Besides, ever sense my favorite couple, Percabeth, Percy and Annabeth went down hill, I've been in the dumps." She added.
I felt my heart shatter into millions of pieces when I recalled the fact that Annabeth is dead.
"If this is war, what are we supposed to do?"
Hera asks. I grit my teeth. I really hate her. "What do you mean?" Hermes questioned. "Well Percy doesn't want to help us in war. Jason is dead. Nico is dead. Annabeth is dead. Basically all of our greatest heroes are dead."
She huffed.
"You should be happy that Annabeth is dead, after all you do hate her." Ares grumbled and looked up from sharpening his knife.
"We'll manage. Besides, don't just jump to conclusions, we could be wrong." Athena reminds them. "And Ares?" Athena asks.
"Yes?" Ares replied.
"Do us all a favor and shut up!" She yelled. "Whatever." Ares grumbled ad turned his attention back to his knife. "We need help. More help."
My dad says.
Then everything starts to spin. Then my eyes snap open. "Percy? Percy are you ok?" Mom asks me with a worried look.
"Hum? What? Oh, yeah, I'm fine, how long was I out?" I asked. "You weren't out. You just zoned out and didn't reply when I tried to talk to you." Mom answered.
"Sorry 'bout that." I apologized. She hugged me. "It's ok. Now, there's a man at the door named Tony Stark and he's here to speak with you."
She says. "Alright." I reply and walk over to the door only to come face to face with Tony Stark.
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