Chapter 1

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It was over. I had just finish off Gaea as her last screams of pain flooded through the battle field. Her last words were: "You will regret this Jackson; I'll be back, and next time u won't be here to witness it." She slowly disappeared into the earth, crying and screaming out curses, till eventually it was all gone.
I then heard a familiar scream. Annabeth. I thought. I scanned the field. Jason was dead, Piper was sobbing into her mother Aphrodite's shoulder. "We were going to get married." She whispered.
Zeus rapped his arm around Thalia as he cradled Jason's body.
Annabeth had a spear in her chest... she was slowly losing her life. "ANNABETH!!" I screamed and ran over to her. "No no Annabeth please don't die! You promised me we'd be together forever!" I said as I had her head on my lap. "I will... (deep breath) keep my promise.. I will be in your heart.. " She said and stopped to take a breath.. "Apollo! heal her!" I yelled to Apollo and he tried to save my love..Annabeth put her hand up to my cheek.. "we both know im not going to make it....(deep breath) I love you... seaweed-brain..." she said and took her last breath... her hand fell. "No... no" I said in shock.. "Annabeth! Please wake up! Please! Don't leave me.." I said as I started to cry. "I'm sorry Percy... she's gone.." Apollo said and looked down. I started to cry harder. Poseidon came and wrapped his arms around me and I cried into his arms.... I just cant believe that shes really gone.. my Wise-girl... from all the pain and blood loss I blacked out...

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