Chapter 3: Percy's Pov

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A few minutes, later, my eyes snapped open. "Percy?" It was Thalia, realizing that she was still hold my hand, blushed and let go. Will (did I mention that he is a child of Apollo?)

Came into the room holding a tray. I was sitting up. He dropped the tray in shock. He quickly picked it up, and set it on the table. He rushed over to me and gave me a check up, comming to the result that I was perfectly healthy.

He told Thalia to watch me while he spread the news. When he left I tryed getting up, but I lost my balance and fell.

Thalia got off her chair and help me up. When she lifted her head, she had tears streaming down her face. Her eyes met mine.

Electric Blue to sea green. Her dark black hair was in a messy braid that laid on her left shoulder.

She wore a jean jacket with a black shirt, ripped pants and a pair of combat boots. Her camp Half-blood neckless was on and she had her bracelet that turned into a shield on as well.

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