Chapter 12:

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(Still Percy's POV)
*a few minutes later*
We arrived at my mom's apartment. "This is it." I said as Tony pulled the truck over to a side parking spot and we got out.
"Make sure you contact us when you ready to come back. And here." Tony said and handed me a watch.
"Um, thanks?" I replied and put it on. "If you press this button and type in the name of the Person in the Advengers that you want to contact and they'll answer if they can. Also this button, all you have to do is say their name if you don't feel like typing it, it'll call them. And this button if your in trouble and you need back up, this will call everyone. Lastly this button just makes it look like a clock, so people don't get suspicious about it."
Tony finished.
"Why are you trusting me with this?" I asked.
"I never said 'yes' to being an Advenger, I just said maybe."
I persuaded.
He shrugged and ruffled my hair, even though I'm not a little kid.
"I think that I can trust you with it. This city need's it's superheroes. We are happy to get as many as possible. Think about it."
He winked at me and got back into his car.
He honked the horn at me and drove off.
I waved and walked into the apartment. I climbed up the stairs to my mom's apartment and knocked on the door.
I know, I know, it's my own house, why knock? It just felt right.
The door opened and my mom was there.
She clamped her hands to her mouth as gasped. "Percy! I was worried sick." She said and embraced me in a hug and held me tightly.
"You never returned from school and I didn't know what to do! I called the camps and they were looking for you. Where have  you been?"
She asked and placed her hands on my cheeks, rubbing my cheeks with her thumb.
"I was kind of kidnapped, but I'm fine! Really! There's no need to hunt down the kidnappers!" I reassured her.
She frowned.
"If you say so. You must be hungry. Let's go and get some food." She said and pushed me inside then closed the door behind me.
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