Chapter 20

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Tony Stark- Iron-Man
Steve Rogers - Captain America
Natasha Romanova-Black Widow
Bruce Banner -Hulk
Thor- Thor (immortal)
Hawkeye- Clint Barton
(Percy's POV)
I was trembling. It's not that I didn't want to return to camp, I really did, but to be honest I was scared.
I hoped that my identity would be discovered or something like that... I was planning at the very least of of telling Chiton and Grover who I was, maybe Thalia and Rachel already knew. Tony gave me an awesome suit to wear that disgusted myself.
It was a blue cloak that covered my face. (Picture of it at the top) It was kind of like the cloaks from Harry Potter that fictional story that Annabeth forced me to read.
Annabeth... Oh Styx, here comes the tears.
No. Bad Percy. Swallow it down now, you won't cry, not here, not now. I scolded myself. I took a deep breath as the Avengers and I got out of the two separate taxi's we took to get to camp. The driver was really confused when I told him to drop us off here but that was because the mist shielded camp from the mortal eyes.
Before we had left I had secretly IM'd Apollo asking him to allow the Avengers to be able to see through the mist, thankfully he agreed and granted them clear sighted like my mom and Rachel.
"Whoa, so this is it?" Clint asked as we approached Thalia's Pine Tree. "Yep. Guys, welcome to Camp Half-Blood!" I said grandly while spreading out my arms.
"SWEET!" Bruce exclaimed. He grinned and tried to walk inside but the barrier aka force field from Thalia's Pine held him back.
He huffed. "What gives?" "This gives," I replied. "I, Percy Jackson give all of the Avengers with me permission to enter the camp." I yelled, I didn't say my name to loudly though.
"Now walk through." Steve walked through first. "It works." He clarified. All of the Avengers where in their uniforms.
I had asked Rachel last night to inform Chiron that we were coming so Hephaestus built us a cabin. I didn't feel like staying in mine. It brought back to many memories.
Good and bad. I shivered.
"Whoa, you've gotta teach us this kind of tech for the Stark Tower." Tony said with a side whistle. He was wearing his iron-armor but he showed his face. Everyone walked inside and soon we were bombarded by campers.
Lots of the Aphrodite girls were screaming trying to shove each other out of the way to get up close to the Avengers.
I swallowed and ducked my head a little. My dark blue cloak glowed a bright blue in the dark with streaks of silver, gold and black.
It had a hood that covered my eyes but I somehow I was able to still see through. Don't ask how, seriously don't, because I don't know why.
I spotted Rachel, she spotted me and smiled. I nodded at her.
"Heroes calm down! Who goes there?" I heard Chiron's voice boom amongst the chaos.
I smile softly. I had missed him. I trust Chiron, I'll tell him my identity. Yep. Good plan. Very, good plan.
Steve stepped up and explained the whole situation to Chiron. I piped in my saying the gods had sent us to help prepare and train the campers for the war.
"Alright, sorry if you already know us but we'll introduce ourselves to those who don't. I am known as Steve Rogers or Captain America, leader of the Avengers." Steve introduced.
"I am Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk but I only turn into the Hulk when I'm really mad." Bruce stated.
"I am Natasha Romanova aka Black Widow." Natasha announced. "Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye." Clint had his bow rested on his shoulder and he was wearing his black uniform like Natasha was wearing her's.
"I am Thor, God of Thunder and from Asgard." Thor boomed. Yeah, he showed up this morning and I talked with him. He's a cold dude. I'd much rather him be ruling the skies than Zeus.
Feel free to tell Zeus I said that. "And this is our new recruit," Steve looked at me as motioned for me to introduce myself.
I stepped forwards and nervously cleared my throat. "I'm Mizu. I won't be giving out my real identity, at least not yet." I declared.
"How do we know we can trust you then?" A voice yelled out from the crowd. "I will share who I am later, not now." I snapped getting slightly annoyed.
"Doesn't Mizu mean water in Japanese?" A girl's voice yelled out. I assumed it was a Athena kid's voice but when I found the person who said it she defiantly was not an Athena spawn. She had long strait black hair with blond ends.
She wore black boots with a pair of black pants. She also had long sleeve black shirt with some logo my dyslexia wasn't allowing me to understand. Lastly to top her outfit off she wore blue and black scarf.
She looked like a child of Hades.... Hazel was standing at the girl's side. "Uh, yes, it does. What's your name?" I asked. "Shi no Kyandi meaning Death candy in Japanese." She replied. I frown but it's hidden in under my hood.
She's one of the girls that I helped bring into camp with Annabeth, Thalia and Grover before the war with Gaea. There was another girl with her also. Child of Hephaestus she turned out to be if I remembered correctly.
"Oh.... Uh, thanks." I stutter. I spot Thalia and Grover out of the crowd. They're chatting and Thalia looks mad. Her fellow huntress were standing at her sigh.
"Alright everyone. The Avengers will be staying in the cabin over there. Please no bombarding them and asking them for autographs." The Aphrodite girls groaned.
"Now that that's out of the way, tomorrow is Saturday and that's when we'll start training with them, breaking you all up into groups with the Avengers learning different battle skills. At the end before dinner we'll have a cabin counselor meeting with the Avengers and discuss the new given prophecy. But for now sense it's Friday, we'll play a game of Capture the flag!" Chiron yelled.
Everyone cheered.
"It'll be the Romans and Greeks, as a team, against the Huntresses of Artemis as another team and against the Avengers as a team. Sense as normally have 2 teams we'll have the yellow flag for the Huntresses, a blue flag for the Avengers and a red flag for the Campers. You all have 2 hours to prepare, get armor and make plans! Your time starts now!"
Chiron finished. More cheers erupted from the campers and hunters. "Mizu what's Capture the Flag?" Tony asks. "I'll explain later." I hiss back. Tony nods.
"I'll be team captain because I actually know how to play this." I stated. Steve looked a little mad but didn't protest. Chiron divided the forest into three sections for the three teams.
He explained that if for explain the yellow flag captured the red flag then those two teams would unit against the last team standing.
From there if the Blue team managed to nab both red and yellow flags then they have won the game. If they grabbed only the yellow flag then the yellow team would alliance with them and the red team would be on their own again unless they managed to smuggle another team's flag.
The game would continue until one team has captured all of the flags. Then they would win.
Chiron had explained it all and now the Avengers understood. Sense the Avengers technically already had armor I decided we hide the flag and get into our positions.
Natasha and Bruce were guarding the flag. Steve and I perched ourselves by the creek that had also been divided up into three separate areas for the three teams.
Welcome to my life. "Alright, hunters, campers, Avengers, on your mark," the Aphrodite girls acted as cheerleaders except a few like Piper who played. The stairs, tree/water and wind nymphs and dryads stayed out of the game as well.
"Get ready," Chiron said. "You ready Steve?" I hissed to him. "Yup. Let's do this Mizu." "Get set," I took out Riptide and raised it, ready to go.
Steve and I were going after the Huntress's flag, that meant facing Pinecone Face but I'd manage. Tony and Clint we're going after the camper's flag.
"GO!!" Chiron yelled. Campers and Hunters advanced. "Steve, follow me, I know this forest like the back of my hand." I yelled to him. He nodded and kept his shield up.
We approached the Hunter's boundaries. I figured the flag was at Zeus's fist, sermon that Zeus was Thalia's dad.
I was right. 10 huntresses surrounded the flag, bows up, on high alert and ready to fight. "Alright, you distract, I grab the flag." I ordered Steve. He scrunched up his nose, obviously not wanting to be bossed around but he did it anyways.
"Avenger alert!!" A hunter yelled. "Hut!" All of the huntress turned towards Steve and shot arrows at him. He blocked the hits with his shield and kept them distracted I made my way for flag.
Making my way to the flag was my first mistake. I made sure Riptide was ready and my hood was up. A dark shadow covered my face so my true face wouldn't be seen.
Thalia jumped down from a tree. She growled. "You're Thalia, right?" I ask as I shakily raise Riptide. "How know my name?"
She snapped and aimed and arrow at my face. "Uh, word gets around?" I said although it sounded more like a question.
Thalia growled again and shot an arrow at me. I dodged it. She noticed my sword. Thalia gasped and paled. "W-W-Where did you get that?" She stuttered, putting her bow down slightly but still on guard.
I forgot, did she know I cut all ties with the Gods and I joined the Avengers? Wait. She knows I cut all ties with the gods but she doesn't know I joined the Avengers because they kidnapped me....
Ugh! "A friend gave it to me." I blurted. Thalia cocked her head. "What friend? What's their name? Boy or girl?" She demanded.
"Uh, why should I tell you?" I remarked. "Because I won't hesitate to shoot you." She snapped back. Thalia shot an arrow at my head and I ducked it.
"Alright fine, I may or may not of met a guy named Percy Jackson who gave me his sword. There, long story short." Thalia glared at me.
"He. Gave you. His sword?" She said in a deathly calm voice.
"Uh, yes?" She slapped me across the face and I'll admit, it hurt. "Wait! Before you kill me how about this?" She raised an eyebrow.
"I want Rachel Dare, Chiron, Grover Underwood and you to meet me, tonight at midnight, at Zeus's fist. I'll give you more information on Percy Jackson. I promise." I stated. She grunted.
"Fine." She then punched me in the stomach. "Jeez! Owe!" I complained. Mizu! Run!" I heard a voice and I looked up to see Steve holding the Huntress's flag in the air.
Thalia smacked me again before I took of running, following Steve in pursuit. "The huntresses are united with the Avengers now! The huntresses and Avengers against the Campers!" Chiron hollered out. The huntresses groaned, not believing their defeat bit under my orders we all headed out to capture the camper's flag.
Long story short we won. Whoa! After the game, everyone crashed in their cabins.
I kept my promise to Thalia and headed out to Zeus's fist at midnight once I was positive everyone was asleep.
When I got there Chiron was there, as was Rachel, Grover and Thalia Grace herself and she did not look happy.
I gulped.
"You have some explaining to do."

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