Chapter 17

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"Avianna" I heard someone whisper disrupting me from my gorgeous slumber

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"Avianna" I heard someone whisper disrupting me from my gorgeous slumber. Maybe if I don't move or talk they'll go away

"Avianna you have to wake up" the voice said this time nudging me in the arm

I groaned and stirred in my bed

"AVIII" the voice yelled YES YELLED in my ear!

"What" I said in a hoarse voice

"You have to wake up, I need to take your IV out butterfly."

I opened my eyes to see my blinds closed lights off and just my lamp on so it wasn't too hard to open them, I saw that it was Brian who decided to interrupt my slumber. He helped me sit up against my head board and I gave him my left arm that has my IV in it. I looked to the side who I saw Mariana snoring her life away. I don't blame her we went to sleep pretty late and the beds really comfortable.

I felt the needle come out of my arm I winced a little but it wasn't that bad. Brian put a little a bandaid on it and cleaned up.

"Alright you can go back to sleep I just had to take it out" he said kissing me on my forehead and left my room.

I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn't so I decided to take a shower and wash my hair.

I gently got up from my bed carful not to wake up my cousin and made my way into my bathroom.

I turned on my shower and went to grab my clothes for the day while It got heated up.

It was getting pretty hot, I mean obviously its currently May so I decided to take advantage of it and wear some shorts with an oversized t-shirt.

After picking out my outfit I got undressed, took my hair out of the bun I had and stepped into my shower.

Thankfully my toe is not broken just bruised a little so that's great.

After my shower I got out and did my hair since I washed it I looked like a wet poodle.

I walked out of my bathroom and checked the time it was 7 still pretty early, looking up I saw a still sleeping Mariana lightly snoring.

I decided to let her sleep we had a long day yesterday and I didn't want to disturb her

I softly walked out of my room and made my way downstairs, no one was awake from what I could tell so it was the perfect time to go to my happy place

I turned the corner and entered the hallway with all our pictures on it and where many rooms were. Passing the dark brown doors I stood in front of my destination. The all white door with the gold handle which stood out imperfectly from the rest which made it perfect

I softly opened the door and made sure to close it behind me went to the beautiful piano to the right of the room.

I got my phone out of my pocket and searched for the music I was looking for online.

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