Chapter 31

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Authors note: May wanna read the last chapter as a refresher:)

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Authors note: May wanna read the last chapter as a refresher:)

Mariana's POV:

No no no no no no

Avi's leg began to twitch and her eyes rolled back. I need to get her on her side.

"Help me get her on the ground!" I yelled at Damion who had his eyes wide. Immediately he came to the bench and help me gently pick up my cousin whos body was now shaking uncontrollably.

I put her on her side and checked the time on my phone , 3:54pm

"Go get my cousins hurry!" I told Damion, as he got up and ran inside.

I knew letting Avi fight was going to cause this, but I couldn't not let her do it. But she needed to see how dangerous it was for her to get back into all of this. I told the boys, letting her go to England with us is dangerous. But as always they don't listen.

I'm not going to lie, she's really good at this, fighting, defending herself, but its not worth putting her health in danger. Not to mention what is going to go through her mind when she actually see's Alejandro.

The door to The Box busted open and the first to run by my side was Chris.

"What the hell happened?" He asked me as he looked down at his shaking sister.

"I dont know, she came crying that her head started hurting then she started seizing." i told him as i checked the time again 3:58pm

"Whats her time?" I heard spencer ask has he paced beside us

"4 minutes" I said just as her body finally started to slow down."I don't understand she's on the medication, shouldn't that stop this from happening?"

"This is all your fault!" I heard someone yell, looking up I see Spencer holding his forearm on Alex's throat against the wall.

"Spence calm down" Chris said as he got up from kneeling beside me and tried to get between them but Spencer was having it

"NO!" Spencer said releasing Alex from his hold and pointing at Chris "you know its his fault! if he wouldn't have gotten on to her this would have never happened!" Spencer growled at him

I understand why Spencers acting like this. He's the closet to Avianna, even I know he has a stronger bond then any of us do with her.

I looked back down at Avianna, She stopped shaking she's gonna wake up any minute.

"Shut up! What are y'all 4? Your sister is going to wake up any second, I suggest getting her home before she wakes up to her brothers screaming at each other" I said to my idiot cousins, I swear they can be so childish "Now come on help me carry her to the car"

Avianna's POV...

You know that feeling where your sleeping and you feel like your falling?

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